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At Vision Care Specialists, we believe in making a difference in people’s lives and your eyes to bring your world to life.

Through our exclusive LifeFit™ Approach, at our convenient Metro Denver locations, we enhance your individual lifestyle and personal brand. Our exceptional eye care professionals provide you with the widest array of current options for optimizing your vision.  Our certified opticians will expertly guide you to the eyewear solutions that best fit your look, lifestyle, and prescription.

Since 1974, our Denver Colorado Optometrists have been utilizing the latest in digital diagnostic technologies, providing comprehensive eye exams, extensive medical eye care, as well as LASIK and complete corneal surgery.  We are full service eye care professionals delivering everything you need from The Right Glasses and The Right Contact Lenses, to medical and surgical care operating as a single system.

We are the most experienced Colorado eye care practice.  Don’t settle for routine, mass produced vision; be amazed and delighted as our employee owners make your vision and your life more exciting!

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A Better Vision

Denver Eye Doctors’ Easy Eyeglass Cleaning Tips!

how to clean your glasses

It goes without saying that having the right prescription can go a long way in helping your vision. However, in just a short time without maintenance, glasses may become smudged, scratched, and dirty. The Denver eye doctors of Vision Care Specialists have some easy tips to clean your eyeglasses so that they stay crystal clear! In cases of... Read More

Ask your Denver optometrist blue light exposure may be affecting your eyes!

Optometrist Denver

It’s no secret that we’re more plugged in than ever. Computers, phones, tablets, and TVs are all around us. But how is all of this technology impacting your vision? Blue light is the high-energy wavelength emitted from screens and fluorescent lights. While it makes technology displays crystal clear, it can also strain your eyes and even lead to vision problems over... Read More

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