007 Wears Vuarnets and So Can You

Runways and billboards aren’t the only places for fashion; movies are often where the coolest clothes and accessories make their debut. This is especially true with eyewear since close-ups of actors are designed to show off their stunning faces. This year’s movie season is all about one iconic eyewear brand: Vuarnet. If you are looking for the right sunglasses, consult the silver screen and see how great these actors look in their Vuarnet shades, available now at Vision Care Specialists.  Check out our online gallery.

Daniel Craig Sports Vuarnet’s Glacier Model in “Spectre”

Coming next month, Daniel Craig will wow crowds in the next installment of the James Bond series, Spectre. As 007 travels the world, seducing women and piecing together clues about an international crime organization, he will be sporting Vuarnet’s classic Glacier model sunglasses. Vuarnet Glacier is an extremely stylish pick, available to mountain lovers at all Vision Care Specialist locations.  Since they were first created in the 1980’s, Vuarnet’s Glacier frames have been worn by the world’s top mountaineers and have been considered an unrivaled combination of style, performance and quality. Now the Glacier model has seduced the most famous secret agent in history, perhaps it’s time for you to get your James Bond on.



Jake Gyllenhaal Vuarnet | Vision Care SpecialistsJake Gyllenhaal Summits “Everest” While Wearing Vuarnet

In this captivating adventure film about the dangers of climbing up (and down) the tallest mountain on earth, actor Jake Gyllenhaal chooses the right sunglasses for the climb. Sporting Vuarnet’s Glacier model—in a different color scheme than 007—Gyllenhaal certainly looks great at the start of his journey. He’s got the right eye wear for the job, but that’s not going to make the ascent any easier! Watch the movie to see how he looks by the end.

Vuarnet 06 Model Rebooted in “A Bigger Splash”

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, and the hot Belgian phenom Matthias Schoenaerts, A Bigger Splash is a highly reviewed update of the classic 1969 FrenchBigger Splash | Vision Care Specialists film La piscine. Vuarnet’s 06 model was made famous in the original La piscine on the face of star actor Alain Delon. In A Bigger Splash, as a nod to the film’s predecessor, Schoenaerts will be wearing a re-released model of the very same sunglasses.  The 06 model’s modern lines give the impression that it is a new design for the Vuarnet collection instead of an ages old classic with a new streamlined silhouette. In honor of the new film, Vuarnet will also be selling an identical version of its original 06 model from 1969. Come February 2016, the re-released original Vuarnet 06 will be available—only 169 of them!

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The box office says it all: Vuarnet remains one of the most stylish sunglasses brands on the market, so if you’re looking for the right sunglasses for your trips to the mountains this winter, look no further. Vision Care Specialists carries all the classic Vuarnet models—and so much more! To check out all the products and services that Vision Care Specialists has to offer, either visit or call us at one of our four convenient locations.