2014 Hottest Make-Up Trends to Complement Denver Eyewear

Perhaps you’re in the market for high-fashion Denver eyewear or are considering a switch to contact lenses and want a new look to showcase your eyeglass-free face. Or maybe you just want to be fashion forward from head to toe. From the runways to the fashion magazines, we found the hottest make-up trends out there to share with you. Take a peek and try a trend or two.

Purple Passion
It doesn’t matter if you call it orchid, lavender or lilac, just apply eye shadow in any hue from the purple family and you won’t be on the radar of the fashion police. There are even purple washes for your lips for another option and there’s always purple lacquer for your nails.

Fiery Orange Lips
If you’re ready to make a bold statement, then paint your lips orange and you’ll be runway-worthy in no time! Experts recommend applying the lip color with a clunky glide-on pencil.

It’s Not Black or White
Well, it’s actually both. One day, you can apply black-as-night eyeliner with angular shapes, sharp lines and even draw on cat eyes. The trick to getting clean lines is to dip a cotton swab in make-up remover and use it to clean up your application. The next day, you can shift to the other end of the color spectrum and line your top and bottom eyelids with white to give a fun, fresh look to your lids. It’s easy to go from bad girl to ethereal with just a swipe of liner.

You’re Glowing
Thanks to today’s bronzers, you can have that just-out-of-sun glow all the time without enduring the sun’s damaging rays. Use a damp sponge to apply bronzer to your cheeks, bridge of nose and forehead. You won’t need much else to pull off this natural, relaxed look.

No Need to Turn Around the Blues
It might be a carryover from a 2013 trend, but aquatic eyes courtesy of blue eye shadow or liner is still in fashion in mid-2014. This year, there’s a variety of applications so just about everyone can find a way to add blue to her makeup bag.

How to Use This Information
Whether you’re enjoying a new frameless lifestyle thanks to contact lenses or are looking for ways to enhance your new frames, a great way to experiment with your look is to try out the hottest makeup trends in 2014. At Vision Care Specialists, our exclusive LifeFit Approach helps you match your vision correction solutions with your own personal brand. Just give us a call at 303-991-9600 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

Tell us what trend you think is hot and what’s definitely not.