4 Athletes Who Rock Protective Eyewear

Think about the last time you watched your favorite sports game. Do you remember if any of the athletes were protecting their eyes? Sure, swimmers wear goggles, and a lot of NFL helmets have tinted shields over the eyes for playing in the sun. But if you look more closely, you’ll see that sports glasses have been around for a while, and the top players know how to make them look good. In honor of Sports Eye Safety Month, it’s worth taking the time to call out some impressive specs.

Von Miller

As hard as he hits, and as good as he moves, you’d never expect this Denver football player to have vision problems. Turns out, he’s nearsighted. It also turns out that at least part of his contract has gone towards prescription lenses and frames. He has an eyewear collection estimated at about a hundred and twenty. That means he can change out frames every three days, and not wear the same pair twice in the same year after that.

Edgar Davids

The other kind of football player (you know, soccer), Edgar Davids was tenacious on the pitch. However, he had surgery in 1999 to correct a case of glaucoma. Since he didn’t want to stop playing, Davids picked up a pair of black-lensed goggles, and looked even more menacing with them on than he did before.

Ato Boldon

When it comes to unique glasses, this track star has some of the most distinctive eyewear that’s ever been worn at a track-and-field tournament. Sporting a pair of retro-styled goggles that wouldn’t look out of place in a pulp sci-fi serial, Boldon has turned heads at least as much for his style as his medal-winning running.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

While he wasn’t wearing them when taking a turn as a pilot in Airplane!, most people remember that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wore goggles when he was on the court for most of his basketball career. The reason? He’d scratched his cornea a couple of times during games, once at UCLA, and again after he turned pro. A testament to the importance of eyewear protection, Abdul-Jabbar’s goggles became as much a part of his uniform as his jersey.

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