About Us

We believe in the power of sight; the architect that vividly constructs the world around us,
shaping the experiences, relationships, passions, and memories that give life to the unique vision
that drives you.

We believe in the power of your unique vision; the freedom to be authentic and the celebration
of what makes you different.

In a thriving culture built upon the power of individuality, personalized experiences are
becoming the norm. So, we asked ourselves:
Why is a generic, mass-produced experience still the standard in eye care??

Since Vision Care Specialists opened our doors in 1974, our perspective on eye care has
continued to evolve, empowering you to see more and be more.

The next step in that evolution is breaking the eye care mold and bringing the future of
personalized vision care into focus.

From utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to offering completely customized eye care solutions
through our innovative LifeFit™ Approach program, to our distinctive variety of high-quality frames and
lenses for all lifestyles, we’ve created an eye care experience custom-tailored to your unique vision.

We know that there is only one person who sees the world through your eyes.

At Vision Care Specialists,
we see you.