Alain Mikli Maximum Comfort Eyewear

Vision Care Specialists has always had the desire to bring not only high-quality eyewear to its customers but pieces from notable designers and brand names. In that vein, we’re pleased to be an Alain Mikli Authorized Retailer, bringing an iconic name to customers in the Denver area.

A Name To Conjure

For almost 40 years, Alain Mikli eyewear has been synonymous with haute couture and extravagant designs. While they’ve always been fashion forward, some of their most remarkable pieces have almost defined a generation.

If there was an asymmetrical design with radical shapes and eye-catching patterns anytime during the 1980s, chances are it was an Alain Mikli piece. While their 2017 line is maybe not quite as over the top, it still makes excellent use of sharp design and acetate colors that can only be found from this designer.

A Clear Vision

Alain Mikli designer eyewear isn’t just about the wild styles. Striking designs that are also well-made glasses take time, and Alain Mikli absolutely puts the time into each of their designs. From initial sketch to final polish, the process takes roughly a year.

Each step of the process is carefully thought out, and the materials gathered are selected to be the highest quality possible. Each year brings new color combinations and patterns, borrowing from the latest fashion trends and sometimes setting them.

Shining So Bright

With the likes of Grace Jones, Elton John and Kanye West sporting shades that have helped make them into icons, it’s no wonder that Alain Mikli has earned a reputation in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Much like their regular eyewear, their sunglasses undergo stringent processes and high-quality materials as their forms are developed and constructed. The results speak for themselves, with stylish metallic lens coatings contrasting with iconic acetate bridges and frames bearing unique color patterns that can only come from Alain Mikli. They turn heads just as well as blocking out the sun’s rays.

We’re proud to carry Alain Mikli designer eyewear for all of our customers, and we’re happy to help you get a look at how well that iconic style suits your own aesthetic. Come down today and try them out.