Amazing Results from Denver Implantable Contact Lens Procedure

At Vision Care Specialists, we’ve recently begun a procedure that’s risen in popularity in ophthalmology use in the past several years: implantable collamer lens surgery, informally called implantable contact lens surgery or ICL. This procedure, meant as a long-lasting solution for nearsightedness, has been experimented with since the 1950s, but was not approved by the FDA until 2005. Now, over 300,000 Americans have received ICL treatments with stellar results, most patients calling the procedure more effective than disposable contacts, corrective lenses, or even LASIK surgery.

In early September, Vision Care Specialists performed an ICL treatment on a patient whose nearsightedness, or myopia, was extremely severe: while most people who report being “really nearsighted” have between a -6.00 and -8.00 prescription, this patent’s eyes were a -12.00. His prescription was too high to fully correct with LASIK or PRK (two common laser eye operations), so ICL was his best option.

“This has exceeded my expectations,” said the patient, when after a few days’ recovery he found his vision restored to better than it had ever been. He had been severly vision impaired, and the ICL procedure brought him 20/15 vision! “I wish you guys had a 20/10 line on that chart,” he said, “I’m sure I could read it.”

We see an increasing number of patients where ICL is the recommended treatment and are thrilled to be able to restore perfect or near perfect vision to patients who need it the most.  We strive to provide the the most effective eye care solutions to every patient that walks through our doors, and that means keeping up with state-of-the-art innovations like implantable contact lenses.

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