Ask Your Denver Optometrist Blue Light Exposure May be Affecting Your Eyes!

It’s no secret that we’re more plugged in than ever. Computers, phones, tablets, and TVs are all around us. But how is all of this technology impacting your vision? Blue light is the high-energy wavelength emitted from screens and fluorescent lights. While it makes technology displays crystal clear, it can also strain your eyes and even lead to vision problems over time. The Denver optometrists at Vision Care Specialists want to help you protect you from digital eye strain and help you take care of your eyes!

Due to the near constant use of technology and fluorescent lights, blue light exposure impacts most people for much of every day. The biggest culprits are computers, tablets, and smartphones, which many of us look at almost constantly for work, relaxation, and information. Optometrists are noticing the increase of eye problems that are potentially related to blue light in both children and adults. In fact, 50% of patients are reporting eye issues from blue light exposure! Symptoms of blue light eye strain include headaches, dry eyes, and difficulty sleeping.

It’s important to address blue light exposure in order to protect your eyes. Try to take some time away from screens when you can, break up long periods of blue exposure, and turn off blue light emitting devices before bed in order to minimize the impact. Talk to your Denver optometrist about your experience with blue light and get strategies for reducing exposure and limiting the harmful eye effects.  Specific lenses exist that can filter blue light and ease eye and neck strain for people spending extended hours at their computer.

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How are you protecting your eyes from technology use and blue light exposure?