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Denver Eye Doctor: Pink Eye or Allergies – How To Spot the Difference

Ah-choo! Excuse me, my allergies are terrible. It’s just that time of year, and local allergists have reported that this is one of Denver’s worst allergy seasons on record. At least I’m not as bad as Jimmy over there; his eyes are redder than a ripe tomato. But is it all allergies? With all this pollen, cotton, and grass floating through the air and into our bodies, it can be hard to tell the difference between the season’s everyday suffering and real sickness. Eyes are especially contentious: as they fight... Read More

How to Treat Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, often also referred to as pink eye, is a common ailment that can have various causes. Many symptoms can be alleviated by at-home treatment. However, it is best to see a pink eye doctor in order to get an accurate diagnosis and receive medical treatment in the event you need it. Symptoms and Causes of pink eye You may have pink eye if you have redness, itchiness, and discharge in one or both eyes. If these symptoms stem from conjunctivitis, they will likely go away in a little over... Read More

Top Eye Care Brands

Many people worry about their under-eye circles, eye area wrinkles, and dryness, but most see these issues as purely cosmetic. However, eye care specialists know that these signs can also stem from issues with a direct bearing on your health: sun exposure, skin damage, and poor hydration are just some problems that affect both one’s looks and one’s health. Keeping your eyes healthy includes selecting the right products to care for the eye area. In addition to cosmetic benefit, top eye care creams, and oils can help your eyes feel... Read More

Classic Looks, Unparalleled Quality: Lunor Eyewear From Germany

For nearly 25 years Lunor has been creating the highest quality handmade frames with understated, retro styling.  World famous for their contemporary interpretations of classic designs, each Lunor frame has a restrained luxurious look that radiates timeless quality. Exceptional German Engineering A family owned company, the Lunor workshop is located on the edge of Germany’s Black Forest and employs just 20 master craftsmen. The creative brain behind the clean lines of every Lunor design is Michael Fux. In his role as Managing Director and Designer, Fux refuses to slavishly follow fashion. ... Read More

Ted Baker

The growth in popularity of Ted Baker as an eyewear brand in Denver was almost inevitable. Christened the fastest growing eyewear brand by the Design Quarterly Magazine in 2015, it was only a matter of time before the locals of Denver bought into the vision of the genius designer Ray Kelvin, the man behind Ted Baker. So what makes the Ted Baker brand story unique? What makes Ted Baker eyewear better than most available brands? The Ted Baker Story   Long before venturing into designing frames and other eyewear, Ray Kelvin was spending... Read More

BCBG Max Azria

For the woman who’s all about classic, easy style with an edge, there’s BCBGMAXAZRIA. It’s European flair with American spirit. The founder, Max Azria, started in Paris before moving to L.A. His unique combination of Parisian sophistication with West Coast, laid-back living permeates all of their designs. Their clothes and frames are stylish, yet easy to wear and affordable. Unique Designs, Quality Craftsmanship, Great Prices Frames by BCBGMAXAZRIA are meant for the woman who wants more than just a basic pair of glasses. Every frame brings a unique feature to... Read More

Next Gen Varilux X Progressive Lenses

No matter what your vision needs are, getting the right lens is essential. At Vision Care Specialists, we strive to provide lenses with the latest technology, giving you the best experience. Varilux X lenses are the next milestone in that mission What is Varilux X? Progressive lenses are lenses that correct for vision at all distances. They achieve this feat through a smooth transition between zones with different focal lengths. This allows you to enjoy the optimal vision correction no matter what distance you are focusing on. Varilux X, by Essilor,... Read More

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sun Glasses by Marc Jacobs
There is a something of a truism in fashion that the most daring and fashion-forward styles come with a premium price tag. Marc Jacobs, however, is brave enough to buck the ostensible rules. Through his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, the runway designer delivers inspired, fashionable looks at affordable prices. The Man, The Label A slow dramatic zoom of our #MJFW17 Belted Robe Coat in @Zayn’s new music video #DuskTillDawn 🎥😎 Full video in bio. A post shared by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on Sep 20, 2017 at 1:09pm PDT Marc Jacobs started... Read More

Does pink eye itch?

Does pink eye itch?
Worried about pink eye? You’re not alone! Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is likely to be allergic or bacterial. Does Pink Eye Itch? YES – if allergies are the cause. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the outer membrane of the “whites of the eyes” and the inner eyelid. As the inflammation increases, the itchy feeling typically does, too. In addition to itchiness, sufferers may have watery eyes along with redness and eyelid swelling. Sometimes, the puffiness becomes so severe it can interfere with vision. However, pink eye is not associated with... Read More

Jimmy Choo

If there is one name in modern fashion that brings to mind a sense of affluence and playful opulence, it’s Jimmy Choo. For nearly 20 years, the brand has been spoken in the same breath as Chanel and Gucci, associated with the brightest lights in celebrity. While Jimmy Choo made his name initially with shoes, the brand has branched out into all areas of fashion, including eyewear. East Enders Jimmy Choo started out as a custom-made shoemaker in the early 1990s. He attracted jet setting clientele around the world, including Princess Diana. By the... Read More