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Rory McIlroy Expects Better Putting after LASIK Surgery

golf and lasik
Rory McIlroy’s game is about to get a whole lot sharper. Professional golfer and world No. 3 McIlroy recently underwent LASIK eye surgery and was quick to post an encouraging Instagram photo of himself in his new, post-operation night goggles. Although the Mayo Clinic forecasts a two- to three-month recovery on average, another famous putter’s experience with laser eye surgery might bode well for McIlroy. When Tiger Woods got LASIK in October 1999, he went on to win the Disney Classic later that same month, and when he went back... Read More

Dr. Paul Hulse Joins Vision Care Specialists’ Team

Paul Hulse
Demand for high quality, full-service eye care continues to grow in Denver. Vision Care Specialists is thrilled to add Dr. Paul Hulse to our team to keep up with patient growth in our Lakewood and Aurora offices. Dr. Hulse brings a wealth of experience in general vision, as well as specialties in: Diabetic eye disease Vision problems related to brain injury Children’s vision Vision therapy Dr. Hulse completed a residency in vision rehabilitation at the State University of New York where he worked extensively with pediatric patients in the management of... Read More

Vision Care for Children in Need

jb 1
Last month Vision Care specialists partnered with Essilor, the largest and most trusted optical lab network in the U.S., to provide vision care for children in need. Jim Bonham, Optician Extraordinaire Jim Bonham, a veteran Vision Care Specialists optician from Aurora, worked with local students to fit them with much needed glasses as part of Essilor’s Kids Vision For Life (KVFL) program.  Jim has a special knack for putting children at ease and turning the negative of having to wear glasses into a positive.  He also knows from experience the... Read More

What to See in Denver this Summer: Coors Field and the Surrounding Neighborhoods

Rockies rooftop
By the standards of Major League Baseball, our hometown Colorado Rockies are a relatively young team, but for Denverites, the Rockies and Coors Field have become a beloved and well-entrenched part of our community. In fact, Coors Field turns 20 this year, making it (if you can believe it) one of the National League’s oldest stadiums! Going to Rockies games is a hallowed summer tradition for many people, from Denver’s die-hard baseball fans to tourists testing out our city for the first time. At Vision Care Specialists, we love to... Read More

Denver’s New Union Station – See It, Taste It, Enjoy It!

union station
Denver’s new Union Station is here and Vision Care Specialists has the scoop. Vision Care Specialists is recommending a visit to Union Station at all our new patient eye exams. It’s been 100 years since Union’s last renovation. In the century since its last update, Denver’s Union Station has existed mainly as a modest railroad station. However, thanks to a bold new redesign that wrapped up this summer, Union Station is now a vibrant part of the downtown Denver scene. Expanded train service (including Amtrak train service as well as... Read More

Contact Lens Comfort Challenge – Watch the Video!

Watch the video below to learn about our Contact Lens Comfort Challenge Listen to what some recent Contact Lens Comfort Challenge patients had to say: “What a wonderful experience I had at Vision Care Specialists! I was new in Colorado and was recommended to VCS from a co-worker. As a first time patient, I felt welcomed and very well taken care of. The lenses that I was challenged to try have been phenomenal. I have never had a more comfortable lens, and I feel like my vision is sharper than... Read More

Over Half of Drivers Struggle with Night Vision Problems

Night Vision Problems
Difficulty and anxiety when driving at night are more common than you think. Recent research confirms that over half of all drivers have night vision problems or concerns about their night vision. It is common to struggle with night driving because at night, dim lighting causes the pupil to enlarge, which can cause blurry vision and strain. Annual comprehensive eye exams are recommended to test night vision and determine if your issue can be treated. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are experiencing night vision problems as there are... Read More

February is AMD Awareness Month – Get to Know the Facts

February is Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month. Vision Care Specialists is serious about AMD prevention and treatment using the latest techniques to slow the progression of the condition when it occurs. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 50 so it pays to know the facts and take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. AMD impairs central vision, which results in an inability to perform tasks such as reading and driving, and can eventually lead to blindness. It impacts 15... Read More

Contact Lens Tips for Kids

leah duclos Vision Care Specialists
When kids want to transition from glasses to contacts, it’s important that they have the right support and tools so that they are able to use contacts safely. That’s why Vision Care Specialists created the Lens Friends contact lens coaching program. As a Lead Technician for Vision Care Specialists, I’ve been helping children successfully make the transition from glasses to contact lenses for years. Typically it’s all about nerves, so if you can help your child relax when handling their new contact lenses, they are more likely to catch on... Read More

New Recommended Vision Health Procedures for Preschoolers

New Preschool Vision Screening Recommendations
The national expert panel of the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health has released its official recommendations for guidelines of preschool vision screening and eye health procedures. Vision Care Specialists’ staff has extensive experience in family eye care, specifically children and strongly supports the newly published procedures for preschoolers. The panel has formed a comprehensive three-tiered approach aimed at providing quality vision screening and care to children ages 36-72 months. The recommendations from the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health focus on the following three objectives: Appropriate techniques for... Read More