A Beginner’s Guide in Buying Glasses for the First Time

Have you looked into buying eyeglasses but have yet to determine the right eye specialist to go to? Is it difficult to find the perfect fit and style that you want? Your first purchase of eyeglasses should be a positive and memorable experience. Trusted eye care professionals can provide the best experience with the best results. Our Vision Care Specialists bring you one-on-one, individualized care to help you decide on your ideal eyeglasses. Below are some helpful questions for those looking to purchase their first pair of glasses.
A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Glasses for the First Time

What Type of Person are You?

What type of person are you? No, really! It’s an important question. If you are outdoorsy, enjoy sports, hiking, or other more vigorous activities, purchasing glasses that are made of more durable materials like polycarbonate or have other protective features (like strong frames) is a wise choice. If you are one who likes their quiet time inside without breaking a sweat, you may focus more on style rather than unbreakable features.

What Kind of Face Is That?

Is your face gently curved? Is it more square with a strong jaw? How about oval or somewhere in between? The shape of your face can help narrow your choices. Angular glasses do well on rounded faces, adding an attractive defining edge to a look. Rounded bottoms of frames do well on heart-shaped faces and balance out the contrasting features that draw the eye.

What Budget Do You Need?

It helps to focus in on the style you like, the material to use (like real glass, plastic, or polycarbonate) that will suit your daily life, and the budget you have to spend. Buying eyeglasses shouldn’t break the bank, but your eyeglasses investment, if done wisely, will last. Make sure to compare prices, decide what features you find most important to you, and then make the selection based on what you value most.

What If They Don’t Work?

Your first pair may not be the perfect fit for you, but that’s where trying comes in. Try a new style, mix it up. If oval lenses don’t work, try a rectangular style next time. The good news is with skilled eye professionals, they take care of what your eyes need to see, and you get to stylize their expertise!

Come and See for Yourself!

Buying eyeglasses should be an exciting time for you! Our Vision Care Specialists locations are conveniently located and can give you the experience you desire when acquiring your first pair of eyeglasses. We will help you see the world from lenses that fit your needs and wants. Click here to schedule an eye care appointment today!