Never Look Back: Blackfin Eyewear Is Now Available At Vision Care Specialists

The discernibly fashionable are always on the lookout for the newest styles in eyewear, whether they’re for prescription lenses or sleek sunglasses. We at Vision Care Specialists want everyone to look good and feel great while wearing glasses. That’s why we offer a collection of distinctive frames made by the best designers in the world. Just in time for your spring wardrobe makeover, we are proud to announce the addition of Blackfin eyewear to our designer eyewear boutiques in Downtown Denver and Highlands Ranch.

Italian Craftsmanship

Italian artisans have given the world everything from Stradivarius violins to the Mona Lisa. Blackfin titanium frames are no exception to this tradition. Working from high grade titanium slabs, each frame is the result of intensive design efforts and meticulous construction steps. Each frame is distinct and unique, intended to fit one person’s face, and it can even be personalized to further cement that one-on-one relationship between the consumer and the craftsman. It’s this dedication to keep things uniquely Italian that has attracted luminaries such as Andrea Bocelli to the brand.

Sturdy and Stylish

Titanium is one of the strongest metals around; it’s tougher than steel, yet comparable with aluminum in terms of weight. A biologically inert metal, it’s often used for medical implants such as pins and plates for bones. Of particular importance to eyeglass wearers is that it is effectively hypoallergenic, which means titanium frames can be in constant skin contact and not cause any sort of allergic reaction. The titanium in Blackfin glasses is sourced from Japan and is the highest possible purity for each slab bought.

The Sky’s The Limit In 2017

With a new year comes new possibilities and new opportunities. So it is with Blackfin’s 2017 collection of glasses for men and women. The new collection certainly has its share of traditional frames, but there are several intriguing variations on old classics as well. They add a touch of science fiction and a hint of derring-do to what others might dismiss as “Coke bottles.” Truly, this year’s collection is something to be seen to be appreciated.

We invite you to see the quality of these new Blackfin frames for yourself. You won’t find this exclusive brand in your typical eyewear store, as Vision Care Specialists is on the short list of boutiques permitted to sell Blackfin eyewear in Colorado.

Schedule an appointment today. Our eye doctors and stylists are here to help you look and see better all in one visit.