Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sun Glasses by Marc Jacobs
There is a something of a truism in fashion that the most daring and fashion-forward styles come with a premium price tag. Marc Jacobs, however, is brave enough to buck the ostensible rules. Through his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, the runway designer delivers inspired, fashionable looks at affordable prices. The Man, The Label A slow dramatic zoom of our #MJFW17 Belted Robe Coat in @Zayn's new music video #DuskTillDawn 🎥😎 Full video in bio. A post shared by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on Sep 20, 2017 at 1:09pm PDT Marc Jacobs started... Read More

Does pink eye itch?

Worried about pink eye? You’re not alone! Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is likely to be allergic or bacterial. Does Pink Eye Itch? YES – if allergies are the cause. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the outer membrane of the “whites of the eyes” and the inner eyelid. As the inflammation increases, the itchy feeling typically does, too. In addition to itchiness, sufferers may have watery eyes along with redness and eyelid swelling. Sometimes, the puffiness becomes so severe it can interfere with vision. However, pink eye is not associated with... Read More

Vision Care Specialists Supports Mission Experience Haiti Orphange

Kathy Ortiz (patient since 2005!) is part of Mission Experience Haiti Orphanage and makes several mission trips per year there. The group had a school bus donated that they will be sending via container and their goal is to fill the bus with supplies for children in the orphanage. Please join us in collecting basic essentials for these kids: School supplies: pencils, sharpeners, pens, paper, spiral notebooks, crayons, markers, construction paper, scissors and backpacks. Balls of all shapes and sizes: basketballs, soccer balls, rubber playground balls, and others are good... Read More

Jimmy Choo

If there is one name in modern fashion that brings to mind a sense of affluence and playful opulence, it’s Jimmy Choo. For nearly 20 years, the brand has been spoken in the same breath as Chanel and Gucci, associated with the brightest lights in celebrity. While Jimmy Choo made his name initially with shoes, the brand has branched out into all areas of fashion, including eyewear. East Enders Jimmy Choo started out as a custom-made shoemaker in the early 1990s. He attracted jet setting clientele around the world, including Princess Diana. By the... Read More

Juicy Couture

Some fashion brands spend years trying to build up their reputations and their profile, hitting the major shows to increase their prestige. It can be decades before they become household names. Others, like Juicy Couture, happen to be in the right place at the right time, becoming a highly sought after brand instantly. A Touch of Velvet Juicy Couture started in 1995 with two friends, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash, offering a line of maternity pants. It wasn’t until 2001 they really hit their stride and made their signature piece,... Read More


ABB Theatrical Gothika Halloween Lenses Sell Sheet 2017
Vision Care Specialists is now offering Halloween and colored contact lenses for a limited time only. Check out the entire collection of specialty contact lenses to complement and complete your most spooktacular Halloween ensemble. Choose from a wide assortment of special effect colored Halloween contact lenses and even the glow in the dark contact lenses! Contact one of our locations today!  

Kate Spade

A lot of people dream about covering their favorite industries and reporting on them. Some people discover that’s just not enough for them. Instead of talking about the latest trends in fashion, some discover that they want to create them because no one else is catering to their particular sense of style. A case in point: Kate Spade Dealer’s Choice Kate Spade started out working for Mademoiselle magazine, eventually becoming an editor covering accessories. She became keenly aware of what she found attractive in the market. There wasn’t much that... Read More


We at Vision Care Specialists are proud to offer the new Marius Morel sunglasses and eyeglasses among our selection of high-end eyewear for our distinguished clientele who wish to make a creative visual statement. Morel Eyewear is a French brand that dates back more than 120 years, proving that it is indeed a very reliable brand. Its history goes back to the 1880s, and the company has been run by four generations of the Morel family. With such a rich history, it is no wonder that Morel eyewear displays such a great... Read More

Overuse of Antibiotic Eyedrops to treat Pink Eye

Findings in a recent study published in an eyecare journal confirm the nationwide trend of overprescribing antibiotics for common infections, especially antibiotic eyedrops for pink eye. The cause is most likely due to eyedrop prescriptions being written by a primary care physician, pediatrician, or urgent-care provider.  Eye care providers are most appropriate to diagnose pink eye as allergic, viral or bacterial and to treat accordingly.   Acute conjunctivitis or pink eye affects 6 million Americans annually and tends to clear in a week with treatments of cold compresses and possibly... Read More

Robert Marc

Vision Care Specialists is happy to offer the top-of-the-line Robert Marc brand eyewear. We believe that for a truly happy set of eyes they must be healthy and comfortably adorned, so we take great pride in offering the new lines of Robert Marc glasses and sunglasses. Robert Marc glasses feature handcrafted frames with both classic and modern elements. The frames consist of distinctive qualities like the trademark hinge and high-quality materials like zyl (zylonite) and titanium, which further enhance the frame’s luxury with a sense of durability and strength. The Robert Marc lines... Read More