Brand Spotlight – Altair
Vision Care Specialists knows that there are quite a few high-quality designers offering the best designs and materials in eyewear, and we like to bring the best of those lines to our customers. One of those special lines is Altair eyewear. Frame of Mind When it comes to the styling and design of Altair frames, the company revels in its roots. The acetate in the frames use many of shapes from the sorts of glasses that Hollywood celebrities, both past and present, are well-known for sporting in public. Meanwhile, the color combinations... Read More

Scott Harris-Europa

Scott Harris-Europa
  Vision Care Specialists wants to make sure our customers have access to the most fashion forward designs available. We’re constantly on the lookout for names that are well respected as well as generating high levels of interest. One of the newest additions to our extensive selection is Scott Harris eyewear. Small and Light While Scott Harris eye frames come in a variety of sizes, the most interesting frames are the ones that have been engineered to be as light as possible. For some, in their Scott Harris Underground line, the materials... Read More

Like Yoga for Your Eyes: Five Relaxation Exercises to Help Relieve Pain

eye Meditation
Wondering about the cause of eye strain? Eye strain symptoms like redness, dryness and itchy, burning eyes can make it difficult for you to focus and get things done. The most likely culprit: the screens you use every day at work and home. Many computer and smartphone screens use powerful blue light as part of their backlight system. This light is so intense, long-term exposure can actually damage your eyes. However, even if you are using more eye-friendly technology, you can still experience strain occasionally. Luckily, digital eye strain treatment can be... Read More

Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples Berluti
It’s amazing what one can find at an estate sale. It’s even more amazing what one can do with that find. The vintage styling and quality craftsmanship of Oliver Peoples frames, whether prescription lenses or sunglasses, makes them a success story worth sharing. A Lot in Life Dennis and Larry Leight, brothers, came into a lot at an estate sale handling the earthly treasures of one Oliver Peoples. This particular lot contained a number of rare metal eyeglass frames. With these distinctive frames in hand, the brothers started an optical store in West... Read More

Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli-Les Bains Mysterieux
Vision Care Specialists has always had the desire to bring not only high-quality eyewear to its customers, but pieces from notable designers and brand names. In that vein, we’re pleased to be an Alain Mikli Authorized Retailer, bringing an iconic name to customers in the Denver area. A Name To Conjure For almost 40 years, Alain Mikli eyewear has been synonymous with haute couture and extravagant designs. While they’ve always been fashion forward, some of their most remarkable pieces have almost defined a generation. If there was an asymmetrical design with radical... Read More

Nine West by Marchon

Browse Nine West Glasses Sunglasses
Photo courtesy of   Nine West has been blazing a path to the top of the designer eyewear list. The entire Nine West eyewear catalog boasts sleek, modern designs with enough style and class to work with any outfit. Their collection of both regular eyeglasses and sunglasses makes them a force to be reckoned with in the eyewear world. What We Love Nine West has made a name for themselves as a purveyor of sexy, stylish accessories of all kinds. Their eyewear line features classic styles dressed up with... Read More

Matsuda & EyeVan Now at Vision Care Specialists

Vision Care Specialists knows that whether you wear prescription eyewear or just very good sunglasses, they have to look good. We strive to carry designer glasses and eyeglass frames that are well made and have a distinct style all their own. In our continuing efforts to bring the best quality eyewear to the public, we’re proud to announce that our store will start carrying the 2017 lines from Matsuda and EyeVan. From Tokyo to Denver For years, people have undoubtedly seen Matsuda sunglasses and remarked on how cool they look – and... Read More

4 Athletes Who Rock Protective Eyewear

Sports Glasses
Think about the last time you watched your favorite sports game. Do you remember if any of the athletes were protecting their eyes? Sure, swimmers wear goggles, and a lot of NFL helmets have tinted shields over the eyes for playing in the sun. But if you look more closely, you’ll see that sports glasses have been around for a while, and the top players know how to make them look good. In honor of Sports Eye Safety Month, it’s worth taking the time to call out some impressive specs.... Read More

Spring 2017 Eyewear Trends Hot off the Runway and Red Carpet

Spring 2017 Eyewear Trends
Following Paris Fashion Week and several of the other spring fashion shows that got us off to a great start for 2017, Denver residents are eager to get their hands on the hottest spring 2017 eyewear trends for men and women. There are plenty of new trends already making their way out onto the streets, so you can start shopping for designer frames in Denver now! Angular Shapes We seem to have moved on from the overly large, round frames of the last few years. This year it’s all about sharp... Read More

The Dark Side of Blue Light: Long-Term Damage Could Lead to Vision Loss and Cataracts

blue light dangers
Today, blue light is all around us. Many conventional computer monitors don’t use a strong blue light, but it’s becoming common in several other ways. It’s part of the display in most mobile devices, and common in flat-screen televisions and other ultra-large displays. What most people don’t realize, however, is that blue light can be hazardous to eye health. Blue light – also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light – has an especially short wavelength compared to other forms of light. As a result, it penetrates more deeply into the structures... Read More