Bono and Revo Eyewear Partner to Prevent Blindness

Revo, the legendary sunglasses brand, has a new project. Revo made its name by making sunglasses with the NASA technology designed to protect satellites from solar intensity. To this day, Revo produces top of the line high-contrast polarized sunglasses with unparalleled quality. Now the brand is teaming up with world-famous rocker Bono to do a world of good.

Unnecessary blindness and vision problems occur around the world due to a lack of resources. In particular, a lack of practitioners, glasses, and facilities contribute to this problem. Bono and Revo Eyewear are committed to changing this. They are partnering with the Brien Holden Vision Institute to prevent vision impairment and blindness in over five million children and adults by 2020. Every time you buy a pair of Revo sunglasses, $10 is donated to the cause of creating permanent and sustainable vision solutions throughout the world. The project is aimed at prevention, detection, treatment, and support.

Because hundreds of millions of people do not have access to eye care, the creation of facilities and the training of eye health providers is crucial to help detect eye problems before vision is irreversibly impacted and to provide treatment to the many people who need glasses or other vision interventions. The money raised by Bono and Revo will go towards funding the resources and providing local support to help improve vision worldwide and expand access to eyecare services.

Vision Care Specialists is one of the few locations in Denver where Revo sunglasses are available. Help support people around the world who are fighting for their sight by purchasing a pair of Revo sunglasses today.

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