Scott Harris-Europa

Scott Harris-Europa


Vision Care Specialists wants to make sure our customers have access to the most fashion-forward designs available. We’re constantly on the lookout for names that are well respected as well as generating high levels of interest.

One of the newest additions to our extensive selection is Scott Harris eyewear.

Small and Light

While Scott Harris eye frames come in a variety of sizes, the most interesting frames are the ones that have been engineered to be as light as possible. For some, in their Scott Harris Underground line, the materials used are inherently lightweight. Others, in the Scott Harris Vintage line, make use of minimal amounts of materials in order to keep the weight down.

Shades of Cool

Scott Harris frames cover a broad spectrum of styles – from vintage to modern – but their sunglasses are equally intriguing. Their designs bring style to anybody’s wardrobe, they provide not only a playful touch to your summer wardrobe, but also quality UV protection for your eyes.

The 2017 Line

The 2017 collection for Scott Harris covers frames from the main line, the retro-styled Scott Harris Vintage line, the nouveau-chic Scott Harris Underground line and the flashy fun of their Scott Harris Sunwear line.

For those people who want to have a distinctive look with comfortable glasses, Scott Harris represents one of the best frame lines available right now. We invite you to come down to Vision Care Specialists today and look over the latest frames with an optician to see which ones best match your particular.  We look forward to seeing you soon.