Calvin Klein, an American Icon

The name Calvin Klein has a number of associations in the fashion world, generally described with words such as “iconic,” “sophisticated,” and “innovative.” Calvin Klein has long been an American design icon, with an incredible power to permeate all aspects of fashion, culture, and society. The luxury and style of any Calvin Klein design is unmatched, and in teaming up with the powerhouse eyewear company Marchon, a new bar for fashionable eyewear has been set.

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein has always been a stylish embodiment of the classic, all-American style, with a minimalist aesthetic that is effortlessly sophisticated. The partnership with Marchon goes back 25 years, with the two being a perfect pair with their shared mission to craft luxury designs for the customer with discerning taste.


Calvin Klein Eyewear Designs

Fashion Forward with an Artful Timelessness

Created for the modern-day fashion influencer, Calvin Klein eyewear designs capture a distinct sense of minimalism, while still maintaining a uniquely recognizable style. To truly focus the attention on the design of the eyeglasses and sunglasses themselves, all logos have been removed in the Calvin Klein Collection line, while the classic Calvin Klein series have understated, simple branding. Modern color palettes and innovative silhouettes allow you to choose something to match your personal style, perfect for standing out as fashion-forward in a sea of other, less original glasses.

Unique detailing and thoughtful accents set these designs apart, sure to earn you a second look anytime you are wearing them. Sport a pair of the classic sunglasses while you enjoy a sunny Denver day downtown, the perfect complement to a sophisticated, put-together look. For indoors, a pair of their minimalistic frames make an understated statement, contributing a touch of high-end luxury to your style.

Express Your Personal Style

One of the unique characteristics of Calvin Klein eyewear is the bold collection of colors to choose from, an ideal balance of edgy and versatile. Choose from shades like rich burgundy, vivid aqua, a sultry red, or even a serene blue. For the truly stylish, an assortment of frames and colors will allow you to customize your eyewear to your outfit, mood, and even the occasion. Capture a sense of youthful sophistication, and think of your eyeglasses or sunglasses as the true fashion accessory they can be.
For an in-person look at the incredible designs that have stemmed from the Calvin Klein and Marchon partnership, visit any one of our locations today. Try on a variety of styles, and find the ideal fit for your personal sense of fashion.