Can Surgery Correct Astigmatism?

LASIK for AstigmatismThinking about LASIK for astigmatism? Laser eye surgery for astigmatism is an effective new way to deal with the vision problems caused by this common condition. In fact, laser can be appropriate for many mild or moderate vision issues.

Astigmatism is caused by a defect in the cornea or lens of the eye. Either the eye’s cornea – the front surface – or the interior lens is curved differently in one direction or another. This causes vision distortion and blurriness. Generally, a mild case is something like nearsightedness, where objects further away are indistinct.

Until recently, surgical correction of the curvature problem was more theory than fact. When the underlying issue is eliminated, astigmatism disappears – but there were no tools that safely and effectively could deliver the incredible precision necessary.

Laser Surgery Can Correct Many Cases of Astigmatism

In recent years, LASIK has become a powerful treatment option. During a procedure, the asymmetry in the structure of the eye is corrected using an ultra-precise medical laser. In most cases, the correction can be made in a single visit. However, it may be necessary to pursue a follow-up correction once the eye has had time to adjust from the original.

Not all cases of astigmatism can be treated through LASIK, but the majority of mild or moderate cases can. In general, the ideal patient needs three diopters or fewer of correction – an eye doctor can provide a complete eyesight evaluation before any Lasik takes place.

In most cases, it helps if the patient is not suffering from other major eye conditions. Depending on age, lifestyle and health factors, it may be necessary to pursue multiple treatments or to wait longer than the average patient between laser corrections.

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