How to Deal with Allergies in Colorado

How to Deal with Allergies in Colorado Allergies in Colorado are not just a springtime problem. While flowers and trees tend to bloom in the spring, ragweed, sagebrush, and tumbleweed can become a literal headache for allergy sufferers in the fall. If allergy symptoms plague you throughout the year, you are not alone, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. These five tips can help you manage your allergies and decrease your discomfort. 1. Avoid the Outdoors Staying inside can be almost impossible in a state as beautiful as... Read More

How to Treat Pink Eye

How to Treat Pink Eye Conjunctivitis, often also referred to as pink eye, is a common ailment that can have various causes. Many symptoms can be alleviated by at-home treatment. However, it is best to see a pink eye doctor in order to get an accurate diagnosis and receive medical treatment in the event you need it. Symptoms and Causes of Pink Eye You may have pink eye if you have redness, itchiness, and discharge in one or both eyes. If these symptoms stem from conjunctivitis, they will likely go... Read More

Top Eye Care Brands

Top Eye Care Brands Many people worry about their under-eye circles, eye area wrinkles, and dryness, but most see these issues as purely cosmetic. However, eye care specialists know that these signs can also stem from issues with a direct bearing on your health: sun exposure, skin damage, and poor hydration are just some problems that affect both one’s looks and one’s health. Keeping your eyes healthy includes selecting the right products to care for the eye area. In addition to cosmetic benefit, top eye care creams, and oils can... Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Glasses for the First Time

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Glasses for the First Time
A Beginner’s Guide in Buying Glasses for the First Time Have you looked into buying eyeglasses but have yet to determine the right eye specialist to go to? Is it difficult to find the perfect fit and style that you want? Your first purchase of eyeglasses should be a positive and memorable experience. Trusted eye care professionals can provide the best experience with the best results. Our Vision Care Specialists bring you one-on-one, individualized care to help you decide on your ideal eyeglasses. Below are some helpful questions for those... Read More

10 of the Best Nutrients to Improve Eye Health

10 of the Best Nutrients to Improve Eye Health How healthy are your eyes? What actions are you employing to promote good eye health? If you need eye care tips from vision experts, our staff at Vision Care Specialists are ready to help. We offer eye exams and other eye health services to serve our patients. How do you preserve your vision? The key is found in the consumption of vision-targeting nutrients. Vision improving nutrients aren’t only found in carrots. In fact, there are many more nutrient-rich options that can... Read More

Why Sunshine is Good for Your Vision

Why Sunshine is Good for Your Vision Here comes the sun! Did you know that sunshine is good for your vision and brain? It’s true! Enjoying a sunny day can improve your eyesight and brain function. Staring into direct sunlight is not good for your eyes, but natural outdoor light exposure helps the brain to function brilliantly. It also stimulates your eyes’ photosensitive cells. Our staff at Vision Care Specialists Aurora and Lakewood locations have interesting tidbits about sunshine, eye health, and more! We serve to help you discover what... Read More

Contact Lenses and Spring Allergies in Colorado

Contact Lenses and Spring Allergies in Colorado Are you a Colorado local who is suffering from a sudden onslaught of spring season allergies? Allergies invade your day-to-day and can make simple daily tasks almost unbearable. Severe allergy responses can attack the eyes and cause vision problems. At Vision Care Specialists, we understand that having eye allergies and contacts is a detrimental mix that can increase eye irritation and other uncomfortable allergy-related symptoms. Below are some helpful treatment options and solutions we provide to ensure better eye health no matter what... Read More