Brand Spotlight

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, an American Icon The name Calvin Klein has a number of associations in the fashion world, generally described with words such as “iconic,” “sophisticated,” and “innovative.” Calvin Klein has long been an American design icon, with an incredible power to permeate all aspects of fashion, culture, and society. The luxury and style of any Calvin Klein design is unmatched, and in teaming up with the powerhouse eyewear company Marchon, a new bar for fashionable eyewear has been set. Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein has always been a stylish... Read More

Marchon MVP

Marchon MVP Marchon MVP eyewear, inspired by the dynamic, colorful energy represented by big city living, is designed for stylish people who expect more from life. Their range of best-selling frames all have a few things in common: luxury materials, distinctive style and originality, and bold design accents. The Marchon company was born in the early 1980s and has since flourished across the globe. This impressive growth stems from the commitment to premium-quality eyewear that builds a loyal customer base that just keeps multiplying. With styles that seek to capture... Read More


Chesterfield Eyeglasses Chesterfield eyeglasses were inspired by the original Chesterfield overcoat, a long, tailored overcoat that rose to the height of popularity in the 1830s and 1840s. The overcoat was named for George Stanhope, the Earl of Chesterfield, a man known for his smart style and admirable sense of taste. Much like the classic coat, Chesterfield eyeglasses are designed with thoughtful intentionality, made to suit your sense of practicality while still looking polished. The Chesterfield name has a long history of premium quality eyewear designed for active lifestyles. Flexible Functionality... Read More


Carrera/Safilo Premium Eyewear Carrera, a premium eyewear brand dating back over half a century, was originally founded as a sports eyewear company by Wilhelm Anger in 1956. His mission was to create revolutionary eyewear that could stand up to the demand of intense, high-impact sports, and the line has gradually evolved into high-quality, everyday eyewear that combines form, function, and style. PREMIUM DURABILITY WITH A SENSE OF STYLE Carrera creates both frames and sun lenses that are known for their excellent durability, utilizing premium-quality materials to give you eyewear that... Read More

Ted Baker

Ted Baker The growth in popularity of Ted Baker as an eyewear brand in Denver was almost inevitable. Christened the fastest growing eyewear brand by the Design Quarterly Magazine in 2015, it was only a matter of time before the locals of Denver bought into the vision of the genius designer Ray Kelvin, the man behind Ted Baker. So what makes the Ted Baker brand story unique? What makes Ted Baker eyewear better than most available brands? The Ted Baker Story   Long before venturing into designing frames and other eyewear, Ray Kelvin... Read More

Vera Wang

Vera Wang When you hear the name Vera Wang you likely envision formal wear. However, the Vera Wang brand has expanded to include a huge selection of eyewear options for women. With iconic shapes and colors, these designs bring elegance and luxury to the eyeglass industry. Why Vera Wang?   When you first pick up a pair of Vera Wang eyeglass frames you’ll notice that they stand out from the crowd. The shape and design of their frames, especially their cat-eye designs, offer an exotic yet enticing appeal. Thick frames... Read More

BCBG Max Azria

BCBGMAXAZRIA: European Flair with American Spirit For the woman who’s all about classic, easy style with an edge, there’s BCBGMAXAZRIA. It’s European flair with American spirit. The founder, Max Azria, started in Paris before moving to L.A. His unique combination of Parisian sophistication with West Coast, laid-back living permeates all of their designs. Their clothes and frames are stylish, yet easy to wear and affordable. Unique Designs, Quality Craftsmanship, Great Prices Frames by BCBGMAXAZRIA are meant for the woman who wants more than just a basic pair of glasses. Every... Read More

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sun Glasses by Marc Jacobs
Marc by Marc Jacobs There is something of a truism in a fashion that the most daring and fashion-forward styles come with a premium price tag. Marc Jacobs, however, is brave enough to buck the ostensible rules. Through his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, the runway designer delivers inspired, fashionable looks at affordable prices. The Man, The Label A slow dramatic zoom of our #MJFW17 Belted Robe Coat in @Zayn’s new music video #DuskTillDawn ?? Full video in bio. A post shared by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on Sep 20, 2017... Read More

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo If there is one name in modern fashion that brings to mind a sense of affluence and playful opulence, it’s Jimmy Choo. For nearly 20 years, the brand has been spoken in the same breath as Chanel and Gucci, associated with the brightest lights in celebrity. While Jimmy Choo made his name initially with shoes, the brand has branched out into all areas of fashion, including eyewear. East Enders Jimmy Choo started out as a custom-made shoemaker in the early 1990s. He attracted jet setting clientele around the world, including Princess... Read More

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture (Safilo)
Juicy Couture Some fashion brands spend years trying to build up their reputations and their profile, hitting the major shows to increase their prestige. It can be decades before they become household names. Others, like Juicy Couture, happen to be in the right place at the right time, becoming a highly sought after brand instantly. A Touch of Velvet Juicy Couture started in 1995 with two friends, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash, offering a line of maternity pants. It wasn’t until 2001 they really hit their stride and made their... Read More