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New Year’s Resolution: Healthier Eyes

healthy eyes
There is never a better time to kick start your wellness than the start of a new year.  Sure, one day is no different from any other, but we humans have a flair for the dramatic, and we love clean breaks and fresh starts.  So in the spirit of beginnings, why not inaugurate 2016 with some simple lifestyle changes that will optimize the health of your eyes—and what is good for your eyes is good for the rest of you, too. Optimize Your Eye Health We’ve identified six focus areas to... Read More

The Tacky Holiday Sweater Showcase

As we enter the season of holiday decorations galore, we can’t forget to decorate ourselves. In the past couple decades, tacky holiday sweaters have become a phenomenon, and rightfully so: they are perfect for taking the holiday spirit wherever we go. Sweaters can have anything from a cheerful holiday pattern to a jarring, decorative display, complete with bells, bows, tinsel, and more. In order to fully enjoy tacky sweaters and other sights and delights of the holidays, stop by Vision Care Specialists for all your family eye care needs, and... Read More

Risky Behaviors Impact Contact Lens Safety

Risky Contact Lens Behavior
Contact lenses are a comfortable and cool alternative to traditional glasses. While they are extremely effective in vision correction and easy to use, many people do not take the proper precautions to make sure they are maximizing contact lens safety. 99% Admit to Contact Lens Mishandling There are about 41 million contact lens wearers in the United States, and according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control, almost all of them engage in some form of risky behavior that could lead to eye infection or potentially even vision... Read More

National Eye Exam Month – Top Five Reasons to Care

August is Eye Exam Month
August is National Eye Exam Month! Now is the perfect time to get your yearly comprehensive eye exam on the books to make sure your eyes are in good health and your vision care is up to date. However, many people put off or forget regular eye exams. In fact, it’s estimated that around 12.2 million Americans need vision correction, but don’t use it, and almost 50% of parents of children under the age of 12 have never had their children’s eyes checked. These facts are concerning, because eye health... Read More

Plucked vs Unplucked Eyebrows

Eyebrow fashions
Your best accessory is already on your face! Thick, well-maintained eyebrows frame your face. A full eyebrow draws attention to your eyes and improves the look of your face. You may be shuddering remembering the pencil-thin trend of the 90’s. But 2015 is here so never fear, thick eyebrows are in! Here are some tricks to make your brows better than ever. Pluck sparingly! Put down the tweezers! Avoid serious plucking sessions. To give your brows the shape they need, regularly pluck stray hairs and avoid plucking too much beneath... Read More

New Vision Council Study on Sunglasses

Denver eye glasses
We all know sunglasses can protect our eyes from glare, but most of us undervalue sunglasses as a health necessity. The new vision council study on sunglasses revealed that 65% of people in the U.S. see sunglasses as a fashion accessory. While they can be stylish—you only have to check out the awesome sunglasses options at Vision Care Specialists to know that!—sunglasses do a whole lot more. Ultraviolet (UV) light is an invisible type of radiation that comes from the sun. UV light can be incredibly damaging to the eye.... Read More

Colored Contact Lenses – Make Your Eyes Sparkle on your Special Day

Air Optix Colors
Do you have a big event coming up? Prom, graduation, a wedding? Look and feel like a celebrity by selecting your perfect eye color! Try colored contact lenses for your big event and choose from 9 amazing shades of blue, green, brown, hazel, and grey to give your eyes a beautiful intensity for your special day. You spend time and money choosing the right outfit, makeup, and hairstyle. What about outfitting your eyes for the big day with the color you’ve always dreamed you had! A bold eye color can... Read More

The Importance of Eye Care for Diabetics

diabetic eye care
The various health impacts of diabetes are numerous, but did you know that it could also affect your eye health? Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, comprehensive diabetic eye care is critical because of the various ways diabetes can impact your vision. Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar is a symptom of diabetes. Elevated blood sugar can damage the small blood vessels in your eye, leading to a condition called diabetic retinopathy, a disease in which the retinal blood vessels that line the back of the eye become... Read More

Over Half of Drivers Struggle with Night Vision Problems

Night Vision Problems
Difficulty and anxiety when driving at night are more common than you think. Recent research confirms that over half of all drivers have night vision problems or concerns about their night vision. It is common to struggle with night driving because at night, dim lighting causes the pupil to enlarge, which can cause blurry vision and strain. Annual comprehensive eye exams are recommended to test night vision and determine if your issue can be treated. Be sure to tell your doctor if you are experiencing night vision problems as there are... Read More

New Recommended Vision Health Procedures for Preschoolers

New Preschool Vision Screening Recommendations
The national expert panel of the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health has released its official recommendations for guidelines of preschool vision screening and eye health procedures. Vision Care Specialists’ staff has extensive experience in family eye care, specifically children and strongly supports the newly published procedures for preschoolers. The panel has formed a comprehensive three-tiered approach aimed at providing quality vision screening and care to children ages 36-72 months. The recommendations from the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health focus on the following three objectives: Appropriate techniques for... Read More