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Contact Lens Tips for Kids

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When kids want to transition from glasses to contacts, it’s important that they have the right support and tools so that they are able to use contacts safely. That’s why Vision Care Specialists created the Lens Friends contact lens coaching program. As a Lead Technician for Vision Care Specialists, I’ve been helping children successfully make the transition from glasses to contact lenses for years. Typically it’s all about nerves, so if you can help your child relax when handling their new contact lenses, they are more likely to catch on... Read More

Thinking LASIK? Go With a Provider You Can Trust

Laser LASIK equipment
A few months ago, we were happy to report the release of the United States Food and Drug Administration comprehensive multi-study review of LASIK eye surgery’s efficacy and safety. This FDA report gave LASIK surgery a big thumbs-up stating that over 95% of survey respondents achieved 20/20 vision or better after their LASIK procedure. How to Maximize Your LASIK Surgery Success? Despite having a strong track record, LASIK surgery is a scary proposition for most of us.  If you’re thinking about LASIK, how can you put your mind at ease?... Read More

Great Holiday Savings on Denver Eyewear

New glasses are the perfect way to start the holiday season in style. Save big on the hottest looks!  Plus glasses and contacts are a great way to use your remaining 2014 flexible spending dollars. SAVE 50% on a second pair of glasses PLUS, SAVE 30% on all designer sunglasses*   Need an eye exam? Schedule your appointment today!   Call us at 303-991-9600 to schedule an appointment at one of four convenient locations: Denver, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood. *Buy one complete pair and get 50% off a second pair.... Read More

Eye Surgery Denver: Vision Care Specialists Introduces New Tango Laser!

The eye doctors of Vision Care Specialists have a new addition to their Denver eye surgery team! We are proud to introduce the Tango Essex laser! The Tango is the safest and most precise laser available. It performs both YAG and SLT procedures to improve vision impacted by conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. The Tango laser has numerous surgical advantages. It is a highly precise laser that delivers targeted energy to the eye. The Tango laser allows our surgical team to adjust the laser to the exact needs of... Read More

December Eye Wear Fashion Events

JF Rey
December is Fashion Month at Vision Care Specialists Join us for designer showcase events at several locations.  Mark your calendars to check out the latest styles from JF Rey and Face-à-Face. Enjoy Special Discounts at All Our Designer Showcases Buy One Complete Pair of Glasses, Get a Second Pair 50% off!* 30% off All Sunglasses* *Includes frames and lenses, some restrictions apply.  Sunglasses discount for non-prescription frames only. Enter to Win A Free Pair of JF Rey or Face-à-Face Frames All designer showcase attendees will be entered to win a drawing... Read More

Given Up on Denver Contact Lenses? Try Again

Denver contact lenses
Have you tried to wear contact lenses in Colorado, but then reverted back to eyeglasses for relief from dry, stinging eyes? In the past, Colorado’s sunny climate and high altitude proved to be a worthy nemesis for many contact-wearers. As a result, many people just gave up contacts for everyday wear over the years, and only used them for special occasions when eyeglass frames would be cumbersome. Others wanted to wear contacts for everyday wear, but were prevented from enjoying a frameless lifestyle because they were not good candidates for... Read More

Leading Denver Eye Doctor Now Open Six Days a Week

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These days we all seem busier than ever before.  You need to be able to book all types of appointments around your schedule, not your doctor’s.  The Denver eye doctors at Vision Care Specialists understand how tricky it can be to juggle work, family and personal commitments so we’re expanding hours to make it easier for our patients to find convenient times to come in.  Our offices in Aurora, Highlands Ranch and Lakewood are now open six days a week, including later hours on Wednesdays. Mon: 7:45am – 5:30pm  Tues:... Read More

Back-to-School Eye Exams for Your Child’s Academic Success

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More than 10 million U.S. children (1 in 4) will go back to school this year with an undetected vision problem that could impact their classroom performance. 70% of children with reading difficulties have some sort of visual impairment according to a Vision Council of America survey. The type of basic vision screening provided in some schools isn’t sufficient to catch all of the eye health issues for which your child should be tested.  According to VSP, 15-20% of school children have vision problems a screening is likely to miss. These... Read More

Denver Eye Care Provider Expanding to Meet Growing Demand

Vision Care Specialists Expanded Hours
Our goal at Vision Care Specialists is to deliver excellence in Denver eye care solutions to enhance unique lifestyles. A visit to one of our four Denver area locations is a completely different experience than what you’ll find at smaller independents or mass merchandiser eye care outlets. At Vision Care Specialists, you benefit from our investments in the latest diagnostic, medical and surgical technologies and treatments whether you come in for a comprehensive eye exam or have a more serious condition. This commitment to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. More and... Read More

Denver Optometrist Creates Beautiful Artwork

Denver optometrist
Even after a full day of comprehensive eye exams, Denver optometrist Dr. Ellen Petrilla makes time to head to her art studio and get her creative juices flowing—an act she’s found is good for her mind, body and soul. All in the Family As a child, Dr. Ellen Petrilla began her artistic career as a spectator when she first watched her mom transform blank white canvases with only her thoughts and imagination into beautiful portraits and still lifes. It wasn’t long before Ellen, alongside her mom, would paint for hours,... Read More