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Winter 2015 Eyewear Fashion Trends!

Winter 2015 Eyewear Fashion Trends - Vision Care Specialists
With each season, different trends emerge in fashion, and eyewear is no exception! This winter it is all about going bold! Beat the winter blues with bright colors, exciting shapes, and large frames! Let Vision Care Specialists show you The Right Frames for this season. Here’s what’s happening in eyewear this winter: Bigger is better! This season, large frames continue to rule. Bigger frames make a statement. The square shape of seasons past still dominants, but rounder frames are hip, too! Clear frames: See through frames are all the rage.... Read More

Vision Care Specialists – How to Protect Your Eyes When Skiing?

Protect Your Eyes When Skiing
The Denver optometrists of Vision Care Specialists love to ski. With some of the country’s best slopes only a quick drive from Denver, the start of a new ski season is always an exciting time. However, the fast pace of the slopes in combination with the altitude, winds, bright sunlight, and cold temperatures can be hard on your eyes. Whether you have perfect sports vision or wear contacts or glasses normally, it’s important to protect your eyes when skiing! The most critical goal of eye protection on the slopes is... Read More

Contact Lenses Denver: Contact Lens Comfort Challenge Testimonials

Contact Lens Comfort Challenge
Contacts lenses have lots of advantages: they look great and can drastically improve your vision. However, for many Coloradans, our high altitude and sunshine cause many people to have comfort issues. Well not anymore!  Thanks to advances in contact lens technology many people who’d given up on contacts are now coming back.  In fact, Vision Care Specialists is so sure patients will think the new generation of contact lenses is the best they’ve ever tried, that we created the Contact Lens Comfort Challenge. Listen to some recent patients just like... Read More

Join Vision Care Specialists for a Fabulous Fall Eyewear Fashion Event!

Vision Care
Now is the time to revamp your look! Fall is the perfect season to debut a new pair of glasses. Vision Care Specialists has all the latest trends and timeless classics in eyewear fashion. Join us for a fabulous special fall fashion eyewear event on Friday, October 31st! This exciting event will feature three cutting edge designers with Frames you’ll find nowhere else in Denver! Lafont, Koali and ÖGA will all be displaying their latest designs. At this event, you will also have the opportunity to work with Vision Care... Read More

Denver Optometrists Recommend Lens Friends to Help Your Kids with Contacts

Denver Optometrist
You know how great contacts can be; they look good and are one less thing to worry about losing over the course of the day. Plus, with the right lenses and proper care, they can be super comfortable. Savvy kids and teens are often interested in trying contacts, in fact, more than 79% of teenagers prefer contacts to glasses. So if you have a child in glasses, it might not be long until they are looking to make the leap to contacts. That’s why the Denver optometrists of Vision Care... Read More

Liven up your look with Air Optix Colors contact lenses in Denver!

Contact lenses Denver
Have you ever wanted to change your eye color to achieve a whole new look? Or perhaps you like your color, but wish it was a bit more vibrant.  Now you can achieve the eye color of your dreams with Air Optix Colors contact lenses in Denver this fall!  Air Optix Colors contact lenses from Alcon are the most comfortable and breathable colored contact lenses on the market. The ultra-smooth surface prevents irritation and the lens allows more oxygen to reach the eye than any other colored contacts. 3-in-1 color... Read More

Behind the Eyeglasses of World Leaders

In the past, world leaders have been mocked, imitated, thought of as weak and even on the cutting-edge of style all due to their choice—or change—in eyewear. When world leaders are thrust into the public eye, a style makeover has been known to happen as was the case with Pope Francis I who wore eyeglasses when he was first introduced as the next Pope and then was pictured without his glasses as he led his first mass after his inauguration. Many leaders forgo lenses after undergoing LASIK vision correction surgery... Read More

2014 Hottest Make-Up Trends to Complement Denver Eyewear

Perhaps you’re in the market for high-fashion Denver eyewear or are considering a switch to contact lenses and want a new look to showcase your eyeglass-free face. Or maybe you just want to be fashion forward from head to toe. From the runways to the fashion magazines, we found the hottest make-up trends out there to share with you. Take a peek and try a trend or two. Purple Passion It doesn’t matter if you call it orchid, lavender or lilac, just apply eye shadow in any hue from the... Read More

Denver Eye Glasses: Cool Fashion for a Hot Summer

New Study on Sunglasses | Vision Care Specialists
Most Coloradoans sport shades year-round to protect against the high-powered UV rays that bathe our state, but when summer hits, many of us want to opt for a new pair of frames so our look stays cool for the hot, long days of summer. The Denver eye glasses experts at Vision Care Specialists would love to help you pick out a new summer look! Check out this video to learn about 3 “Must-Have” summer styles. Here are some of other hot trends to look for: Rounded FramesThe rounded frame has... Read More

Denver Contact Lenses: It’s Time to Reconsider Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses aren’t just for movie sets and Halloween anymore. More and more people are drawn to color contacts as a way to enhance their own eye color and even to shift eye color completely. In the early days of colored contact lenses, the lens quality was inferior to what was available in non-colored lenses and most optometrists were reluctant to prescribe colored lenses. Thanks to the latest lens technology, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort and quality to get the color enhancement you want. Whether you seek tint... Read More