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Eye Glasses Colorado: Buyer Beware With Online Glasses

eye glasses colorado
The Internet is great for a lot of things: contacting friends, reading the news, looking up facts, and finding great deals on items you want to buy. Indeed, the expanse of the Internet holds discounts often inconceivable in retail stores. But not all deals should be trusted, since it’s impossible to test the quality, sizing, and sturdiness of items you find in cyberspace. This holds true for clothes, shoes, and especially eye glasses.  Instead of gambling on low-cost, low-quality internet glasses, come to Vision Care Specialists and browse the best... Read More

Sunglasses Denver: Look Slick this Ski Season

Sunglasses Denver
Skiing in style can be a struggle. The wicked early wakeup, the puffy pants and parkas, and the schlep to the slopes can throw a wrench in your fashion sense. Yet without fail, there are always people who zip past you down a black diamond looking straight out of a magazine ad. From boots to sunglasses Denver has sales on every item you’ll need on the mountain. Don’t let crampons cramp your style; follow our tips for looking hip this winter. Coat: Winter coats become more and more advanced each... Read More

Denver eye doctor adopts LifeFit™ for more customized vision solutions

Whenever you visit a doctor, you can typically expect the procedure to be the same. A quick background history, a presentation of your symptoms, a series of tests, finally concluding with or without a prescription to relieve any affliction. That prescription can be anything from glasses to medication; yet, these items may not be flexible enough for your lifestyle. Not to mention, the entire experience might have felt a little impersonal. Enter Vision Care Specialists, a four-location eye care practice located across the Denver metro area. We took it upon... Read More

Denver Eye Care Advice: Glasses to the Job, Contacts to the Bar!

Stereotypes about glasses-wearers are as old as glasses themselves. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were already experimenting with gems, globes, and glasses filled with water to magnify their vision, and eventually, after tremendous discoveries in optics by Arab physicists, the first pince-nez glasses were invented in 13th century Italy (a few decades before Dante’s Divine Comedy). Their subsequent use by clerics, scholars, and poets—the intellectual elite who needed them to work and also had the money to afford them—won glasses their long-standing reputation as a mark of intelligence, professionalism, and creativity.... Read More

Denver Opticians Advice on Selecting Cute but Sturdy Kids Frames

kids frames
School is now in session, and parents everywhere are making sure their children are well equipped for the new year, patching up backpacks, replacing outgrown T-shirts, buying shiny new folders and notebooks…but don’t forget that one essential item that can make all the difference for your child’s education–glasses. Send little Jimmy to school with an outdated prescription and he’ll fall behind trying to decipher the words on the chalkboard; send him off with a pair of taped-up magnifying lenses and he’ll be the laughingstock of the playground and sports field.... Read More

Eyeglass Fashions Denver: Eying the Fashion of the Famous

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether celebrities set the trends or follow them, but America certainly looks to Hollywood for its fashion guidance. Even if a certain style gets its start (or comeback) on the runway, it rarely makes a big splash before it graces the red carpet. Thankfully, Hollywood is full of actors who are bold enough to pick up styles that might otherwise be dismissed as shocking, geeky, or passé.  We here in the eyeglasses business certainly know how much celebrities help popularize and preserve certain... Read More

Fashion Trends for Summer 2013

Summer Fashion
Fashion trends are like weather patterns: volatile, unpredictable, and always trying to outdo last year’s hotness. Keeping track of what’s in is hard enough, let alone applying it to your own style. Good thing Vision Care Specialists did some of the work for you and can key you up on how to stay (or become) hip and happening! These male and female styles have been common on the catwalks lately, setting trends among high-profile celebrities and high school sophomores. If you haven’t seen them around yet, you will soon—maybe even... Read More

Colorado Eye Glasses: Make Sure You Have the Right Vision Solution for Every Occasion

I am severely myopic, and, since I hit 45, have had a harder and harder time reading.  I spend 8-10 hours a day on a computer, play racquetball 2-3 times a week, am an avid skier, and, in whatever free time remains, like to use my e-reader in the backyard sun.  What glasses should I get?  The answer is probably NOT bundled up into a single pair of multi-purpose, super glasses. There are two considerations in assessing which and how many different vision solutions you should have.  First is to... Read More

Denver Eye Glasses Advice: Picking the Right Frames for Your Face

Afro woman with glasses
Most of us use personal preference and the “try-on” test to figure out which glasses to select, but there are some rules of thumb you can use to simplify the process and make sure you’ll be happy with your choices in the long run.  The first step to narrowing down the field is to determine your face shape and coloring.  To match eyeglass frames to your face shape there are three basic rules: Eyewear should accentuate your best facial feature Frame shape should contrast your face shape Frame size should... Read More