Vision Innovations

Crizal Prevencia Eases Digital Eye Strain

computer eye
Are you one of the millions of Americans who spends hours each day in front of a digital screen?  Whether that comes in the form of a computer, television, smartphone or tablet, as a nation, our screen time just continues to rise.  According to a Vision Council study, 95 percent of American adults spend two or more hours each day using a personal digital device., and nearly one-third spend nine or more hours/day in front of a screen. This habit puts millions of us at risk for computer vision syndrome.... Read More

Exciting New Research on Blindness

Innovation in eye health is occurring more rapidly than ever before. Since science now knows an unprecedented amount about vision and the human eye, the range of vision-related studies and experiments has only grown wider and more advanced. And one of the most urgent vision issues—that is, blindness—has seen some of the most dramatic and promising progress. At Vision Care Specialists, our experts in surgical vision solutions are closely studying the latest research on blindness so we can offer hope and advice to patients with degenerative vision conditions. Read on... Read More

Changing Trends in Glaucoma Treatment

glaucoma treatments
Glaucoma is a condition that occurs when there is increased pressure within the eye, which leads to a gradual loss of sight. This can be a very serious disease, so it is important that it is treated appropriately, effectively, and in a timely manner. Right now is an exciting time in eye care in general, but specifically in glaucoma treatment, because there are so many technological and pharmacological advances being made. While many changes are positive, some can be confusing or difficult for patients. Here’s what you need to know... Read More

Bono and Revo Eyewear Partner to Prevent Blindness

Revo, the legendary sunglasses brand, has a new project. Revo made its name by making sunglasses with the NASA technology designed to protect satellites from solar intensity. To this day, Revo produces top of the line high-contrast polarized sunglasses with unparalleled quality. Now the brand is teaming up with world-famous rocker Bono to do a world of good. Unnecessary blindness and vision problems occur around the world due to a lack of resources. In particular, a lack of practitioners, glasses, and facilities contribute to this problem. Bono and Revo Eyewear are... Read More

FDA Approves Device that Help Vision Impaired ‘See with Tongue’

The FDA has just approved a new device that can help the blind “see” with their tongue.The BrainPort V100 uses “light tasting” technology to help vision impaired individuals better navigate through their surroundings. BrainPort V100 is used in conjunction with an assistance dog or cane to maximize safety. The BrainPort uses a small plastic square “lollipop” that sits on top of the tongue, connected by wire to a small video camera attached to sunglasses that the user wears. The camera captures images, which are then transmitted to the lollipop and... Read More

New Study on the Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

laser cataract surgery
More than 3 million Americans will get cataract surgery this year. It is the third most common outpatient procedure. Over the past decade, cataract surgery has seen significant advancements. With the introduction of intraocular lenses (IOLs) that can be implanted in the eye for long-term vision improvement, optical surgery solutions have grown in popularity. As evidenced by the popularity of cataract surgery, it is a safe and effective way to restore sight and improve eye health for patients affected by cataracts. However, conventional cataract surgery has a margin for error, and... Read More

What is Vision Therapy? Help Treat Lazy Eye, Dyslexia, and More

vision therapy
Contacts and glasses can do wonders to correct vision. However, not all vision problems, especially ones associated with learning disabilities or traumatic brain injuries, can be fully corrected with glasses, alone. Vision therapy helps “train” the brain to see with clearer, binocular vision. What is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is a process of visual activities designed to improve vision skills and correct certain visual problems. Vision therapy can incorporate lenses, prisms, filters, computer activities, and sight exercises to help train the brain to see more clearly. Vision therapy is most... Read More

Exciting Innovations in Eye Care Unveiled at Vision Expo East

vision expo
The International Vision Expo and Conference just wrapped up its Eastern conference in New York City. The Vision Expo is an exciting time in the vision care industry. It is one of two large annual conferences where industry leaders come together to share discoveries, new technologies, and exciting innovations to help improve vision care. This year’s Vision Expo East provided clinicians with over 330 hours of education, focused on three core competencies: disease, diagnosis and treatment, clinical application of products, and healthy business solutions. In addition, the Expo was home... Read More

9 out of 10 Say Vision Problems Impact Job Performance

vision related productivity
In the 2015 Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits study conducted by the makers of Transitions® Adaptive Lenses™, 92% of employees admitted that their work quality has suffered due to vision issues. Over half say that this happens regularly. Poor lighting, both indoor and outdoor, is the most frequent complaint: six out of ten employees say this has bothered them and impacted their work. Tired and dry eyes resulting often from computer vision syndrome, were frequently cited often as concerns, as well as glare, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. Unfortunately, many employees... Read More

February is AMD Awareness Month – Get to Know the Facts

February is Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month. Vision Care Specialists is serious about AMD prevention and treatment using the latest techniques to slow the progression of the condition when it occurs. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 50 so it pays to know the facts and take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. AMD impairs central vision, which results in an inability to perform tasks such as reading and driving, and can eventually lead to blindness. It impacts 15... Read More