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Colorado Eye Doctors Advise Against Buying Discontinued Frames

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There is a good chance that you, like many people out there, tend to look for the best deals, especially on higher ticket items. Sometimes this means settling for last year’s model. There’s no doubt that this can be a good shopping strategy: cars and televisions, for example, don’t change that much each year, and buying close-out models can be significantly less expensive. But there are other categories, however, where the risk of buying discontinued models can be much greater, and one of those is eyeglass frames. Many outlet stores... Read More

Colorado Eye Doctors: Quality Frames Worth the Extra Cost

When it comes to eyeglass frames, you truly get what you pay for. While there are a lot of fashionable and utilitarian frames available at discount prices, many are made with inferior materials and manufacturing practices that can lead to both durability and comfort issues. The average frame may have up to 17 individual components, from the nose pads to the temple tips, which in a low quality frame can be translated into 17 potential points of failure. Despite our best intentions, our glasses sometimes take a beating and, one... Read More

Denver Eye Doctor Recommends Retinal Imaging to Determine Stroke Risk

Poets say that eyes are the windows to the soul. That may never change, but the more research that comes out about optometry, the more Denver eye doctors there are who claim that eyes are the windows to the body. Recent medical research has associated signs of high blood pressure in retinal imaging to strokes, which will help pave the way for better predicting and preventing these life-threatening events. Strokes are the world’s second-highest cause of death (first being Ischaemic heart disease, the most common trigger for heart attacks), and... Read More

Vision Care Introduces Laser Cataract Surgery

This month, Vision Care Specialists became one of the first vision care centers in Denver to offer laser cataract surgery technology. It’s our goal to provide our patients (and soon to be patients) the most advanced and effective vision enhancement solutions available, and laser cataract surgery is the new gold standard for cataract removal. Laser cataract surgery is different from traditional cataract surgery because it is bladeless, more precise, and you have the choice in lens replacement that provides you with the best vision outcome. Not only is the procedure... Read More

Colorado Eye Doctors: Introducing Spec Tech

Spec Tech
The certified opticians at Vision Care Specialists are proud to bring patients the latest in optometry technology: the Spec Tech application. This interactive iPad application is the best tool available for patients selecting a new pair of glasses and guaranteeing optimal sizing and lens selection. Here are just some of the ways that Spec Tech helps take the risk out of choosing and ordering new eye glasses. The Spec Tech application can: Photograph patients from various angles in different frames to see how a certain glasses look from the side... Read More

Colorado Eye Care Innovations: Dailies Total 1® Contact Lenses

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Recently, eyewear industry giant Ciba Vision debuted a disposable contact lens whose quality and innovation soars above the rest of the market. They have sold several types of dailies—disposable contact lenses that you throw away at the end of the each rather than storing in a case with solution—for many years, from their original Focus Dailies® to their Toric and Progressive lenses to their Dailies AquaComfort Plus® with state-of-the-art moistening design. But the Dailies Total 1® Contact Lenses outdo the rest. Ten years in development, their surface hydration is like... Read More

Colorado Eye Doctor Recommends Retinal Imaging for Your Eye Exam

At the Optician
Any comprehensive eye exam needs to include a close look at the retina, which is located at the back of the eye, to screen for abnormalities or disease. The sensitive tissue that makes up the retina is susceptible to a variety of conditions that can ultimately lead to partial loss of vision or even complete blindness. Early detection of any retinal abnormality is critical. Previously, this screening was done by dilating the pupils, which enables optometrists to peer into the back of the eye.  But most of us find the... Read More

Colorado Eye Care: Autograph III® a Radically Better Lens Technology

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Progressive lenses represented a big step forward for many eye glass wearers requiring corrections for both near and far-sightedness.  They provide significant functional benefits over bifocals and trifocals by offering a seamless transition across multiple distance corrections.  Patients find it much easier to transition to progressive lenses and enjoy more refined vision enhancement.  Now Shamir Insights, Inc. has taken progressive lenses to the next level with their Autograph III® lens.  This new lens technology provides a decidedly better visual experience.  Advantages to the patient include: Maximized fields of view based... Read More