Colorado Eye Care: Autograph III® a Radically Better Lens Technology

Progressive lenses represented a big step forward for many eyeglass wearers requiring corrections for both nearsightedness and farsightedness.  They provide significant functional benefits over bifocals and trifocals by offering a seamless transition across multiple distance corrections.  Patients find it much easier to transition to progressive lenses and enjoy more refined vision enhancement. Now Shamir Insights, Inc. has taken progressive lenses to the next level with their Autograph III® lens.  This new lens technology provides a decidedly better visual experience.  Advantages to the patient include:

  • Maximized fields of view based on your specific prescription
  • Ergonomically designed with reading view optimally positioned for more natural posture
  • Reconfigured to aide viewing of today’s digital devices like tablets and smartphones
  • Optimized to adapt to your chosen frames and wearing style


In short, this means you will have a clearer vision for near, medium and longer range viewing with less need to adapt your posture and view angles get the clarity you want.

The Autograph III lens incorporates a number of innovative design improvements.  It is a balanced progressive lens which is holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription.  Shamir’s R & D team focused on the fact that each patient’s viewing field is significantly different due to differences in prescription.  A minus power lens increases the field of view, while a plus power lens has the opposite effect.  This results in hyperopic patients experiencing a narrower viewing field than that experienced by their myopic counterparts.  The Autograph III can adjust for these differences providing an optimized vision experience regardless of your prescription.  Several technology advances went into the creation of the Autograph III lens:

  • EyePoint Technology III®: Adjusts lens design to simulate real-world images and provide the same viewing fields regardless of prescription
  • Natural Posture™:  Ergonomic design concept that places the near viewing zone dynamically within the lens corridor reducing the need to tilt the head forward or backward to optimize viewing
  • Intellicorridor™: Controls the power profile of the lens giving variable emphasis to the power for every given point on the lens which aids optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity
  • As-Worn Technology™: Ensures that the patient’s experience of the prescription once the lens is fit into the frame is precisely what their Denver Eye Doctor intended.


How to use this Information

If you don’t feel like your current eyeglasses are providing the optimal vision experience, ask your Denver optometrist about the Autograph III lens.  At Vision Care Specialists, many of our patients have experienced great results by switching to an Autograph III lens.  Don’t settle for yesterday’s lens technology, experience the vision and comfort improvements of Autograph III.  Contact us today at  303-991-9600 or schedule an appointment online and start living Life in High Def!