Colorado Eye Care Innovations: Dailies Total1® Contact Lenses

Recently, eyewear industry giant Ciba Vision debuted a disposable contact lens whose quality and innovation soars above the rest of the market. They have sold several types of dailies—disposable contact lenses that you throw away at the end of the each rather than storing in a case with a solution—for many years, from their original Focus Dailies® to their Toric and Progressive lenses to their Dailies AquaComfort Plus® with state-of-the-art moistening design.

But the Dailies Total 1® Contact Lenses outdo the rest. Ten years in development, their surface hydration is like nothing is ever before seen in contact lenses: lens outer surfaces have an average 33 percent hydration, and the AquaComfort lenses boasted an impressive 69 percent, but the Total 1 lenses have over 80 percent surface hydration, mimicking the water content of the human cornea. You’ll never have to worry about eye dryness again!

These lenses are made from a new water gradient silicone hydrogel, which is good not only for water content but also for oxygen permeability. Disposable lenses are often critiqued for blocking much-needed oxygen from the eye, but Total 1 lenses are 6 times more breathable than leading disposable contact brands, giving your eyes a white, healthy sheen. This material also minimizes friction between lens and eye; 9 out of 10 users reported feeling nothing at all while wearing them!

As you read this, Dailies Total 1® Contact Lenses are causing a revolution in the eyewear industry. They have captured all the benefits of glasses and eliminated all the drawbacks of contacts. Surveys show that 44 percent of contact wearers experience discomfort, making it the #1 cause of contact dropout and the #1 barrier for new users. But discomfort is no longer a factor with Total 1 lenses; barely noticeable in the eye and remaining moist the whole day, Total 1 lenses were preferred by patients 13:1 over their current contacts.

How to use this Information

Colorado is a particularly rough climate for contact lens wearers.  Our altitude and dry air can lead to discomfort.  Dailies Total 1® lenses are a perfect solution for people who’ve had trouble with dry or irritated eyes due to contact lenses.  Given how new this technology is, only a few eye care practices in the region have access to these lenses.  If you want more advice on Dailies Total 1® Contact Lenses or any other new eyewear you are considering, see your Denver optometrists at Vision Care Specialists. Your Colorado center for specialty eye care, we’re here to find eye health solutions for your lifestyle and the eye conditions in Colorado’s dry climate and high altitude. Contact us today at 303-991-9600 to make an appointment for the most comprehensive eye exam in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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