Colorado Eye Doctor Recommends Retinal Imaging for Your Eye Exam

Any comprehensive eye exam needs to include a close look at the retina, which is located at the back of the eye, to screen for abnormalities or disease. The sensitive tissue that makes up the retina is susceptible to a variety of conditions that can ultimately lead to a partial loss of vision or even complete blindness. Early detection of any retinal abnormality is critical. Previously, this screening was done by dilating the pupils, which enables optometrists to peer into the back of the eye.  But most of us find the retinal dilation procedure uncomfortable, inconvenient and time-consuming.

Serious advances in imaging technology are now making Denver eye exams more accurate, more lasting, and more comfortable for patients.  Ask your eye doctor about the advantages of retinal imaging.  With the Optos Optomap Plus imaging system, two separate scanning lasers take a picture of the back of the eye giving your doctor the ability to more accurately judge overall eye health.  Comparing retinal images across visits enables early detection of most problems by providing your doctor with an unprecedented detailed view of your retina.

Specific benefits of Optos retinal imaging include:

  • Enables early diagnosis of issues related to macular degeneration, high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal holes and detachments
  • Eliminates the need to dilate eyes during routine exams
  • Provides your eye doctor a much larger view than conventional exams
  • Painless, quick and complete
  • Provides permanent digital images so your doctor can accurately track changes to your eye health over time


How to use this Information

Annual eye exams are an important component of your overall health care, and today’s imaging technology makes these exams easier and more accurate than ever. The Denver eye doctors at Vision Care Specialists have the latest Optos Optomap Plus imaging technology and have been using it to detect potential retinal irregularities for several years now.  Your eyes deserve the latest in early detection technology.  Contact us today at 303-991-9600  to make an appointment for the most comprehensive eye exam in the Rocky Mountain Region.