Colorado Eye Doctors: Introducing Spec Tech

The certified opticians at Vision Care Specialists are proud to bring patients the latest in optometry technology: the Spec Tech application. This interactive iPad application is the best tool available for patients selecting a new pair of glasses and guaranteeing optimal sizing and lens selection. Here are just some of the ways that Spec Tech helps take the risk out of choosing and ordering new eyeglasses. The Spec Tech application can:

  • Photograph patients from various angles in different frames to see how a certain glasses look from the side or compare several frames at once on the screen, allowing you to view new glasses on your face while using your current ones
  • Email images to your friends and family and see what they think about your selection before you buy them. With Spec Tech, there is no limit to how many people you can include helping you make your decision
  • Take all necessary optic measurements with just a single picture
  • Generate the highly accurate measurements required for today’s advanced digital lenses
  • Use a simulator to let you experience different lens types before you buy them. (e.g. non-glare, polarized, transition, aspheric, or progressive designs)

For your next Denver eye exam, stop by one of Vision Care Specialists’ locations in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, or Highlands Ranch, where your new glasses will be fitted with today’s most efficient, precise, and user-friendly technology!

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