Colorado Eye Doctors: Quality Frames Worth the Extra Cost

When it comes to eyeglass frames, you truly get what you pay for. While there are a lot of fashionable and utilitarian frames available at discount prices, many are made with inferior materials and manufacturing practices that can lead to both durability and comfort issues.

The average frame may have up to 17 individual components, from the nose pads to the temple tips, which is a low-quality frame can be translated into 17 potential points of failure. Despite our best intentions, our glasses sometimes take a beating and, one small accident can result in a visit to the optician for a new pair. Life is full of unexpected calamities, and frequently replacing broken glasses can add up. Choosing higher quality frames may seem expensive at first, but if you consider what a well-made pair of glasses could save you in the long-run, then spending the extra money makes more sense.

So what distinguishes high-quality frames from the rest? There are a number of things to consider when selecting a frame that will last:

  • Materials: Acetate is typically superior to injection molded plastic. Titanium and other alloys can be lighter than other metals while also maintaining the durability
  • Manufacturing Methods: Layered material creation, carving and polishing vs. injection molding results in higher flexibility and durability, plus a better look
  • Metal Core: higher quality frames often have a metal core to enhance durability
  • Weight: Especially in metal frames, better materials will reduce frame weight and make them more comfortable to wear
  • Hinge quality: Some frames come with extra flexible hinges to that hold their shape better and resist breakage

So, don’t let price be your sole consideration when choosing eyeglass frames. Acetate or metal allow frames are often lighter and more durable than their less expensive counterparts. If you are prone to allergies, acetate frames are hypoallergenic while injection mold frames are not.

Speak with a certified optician to learn more about which frames are right for you. They will not only have a wealth of information about the quality of the frames available, but they are also trained to help patients best understand which frames will best enhance their facial features. The Denver opticians at Vision Care Specialists will evaluate your budget, your prescription, your lifestyle and your personal brand to recommend frames that will look great, be comfortable to wear and last.

How To Use This Information

Sometimes paying a little bit more isn’t a bad thing. When you’re looking for new eyeglass frames, make sure you select materials that are built for lasting comfort. These are likely to cost you less in the long run and result in a much more pleasant wearing experience. You don’t need to be an expert, make sure you select your next pair of frames with the help of a certified optician. They will not only help you pick a quality pair that looks great on your face, but they will also educate you on which lenses make the most sense. Stop into one of the four Vision Care Specialists Denver locations to view our frames and talk with our expert opticians. For more more information or to schedule an appointment call 303/991-9600.

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