Colorado Eye Glasses: Make Sure You Have the Right Vision Solution for Every Occasion

I am severely myopic, and, since I hit 45, have had a harder and harder time reading.  I spend 8-10 hours a day on a computer, play racquetball 2-3 times a week, am an avid skier, and, in whatever free time remains, like to use my e-reader in the backyard sun.  What glasses should I get?  The answer is probably NOT bundled up into a single pair of multi-purpose, super glasses.

There are two considerations in assessing which and how many different vision solutions you should have.  First is to assess your lifestyle to understand the multiple performance outcomes you need from your eyewear.  Second is to understand your personal brand to determine which looks you are trying to achieve for the ways you live.

Eyewear Functionality Assessment

How many different solutions you need depends largely on your vision correction needs and how you spend your days (and nights).  Activities that could require specific eyewear solutions include:

  •          Reading
  •          Outdoor Activities
  •          Specific sports (skiing, scuba, contact sports, etc.)
  •          Extended computer time
  •          Driving

Bi-focal or progressive lenses might be a great solution for people needing both near and far-sighted corrections; however, these types of lenses can be distracting for certain sporting activities and might not be ideal for extended computer use.  Similarly, transition lenses in lieu of separate sunglasses might be a great answer for a person who spends a lot of time going in and out of doors, but since these types of lenses don’t work in most automobiles, another solution could be required for driving.

Some people choose to wear contact lenses for certain activities and eyeglasses for other activities.  Understanding when and where contacts fit into your vision optimization equation is also key to assessing how many different solutions you may need.

Eyewear Fashion Assessment

I would wager that no one reading this post would be likely to wear the same shirt every day for a month.  The same could be said for shoes, jewelry, and nearly every other fashion accessory you own.  BUT, many fashion-conscious people still wear the same eye glasses every day of the year.  Like the rest of your wardrobe, eyewear is designed for different looks, moods, and occasions.  The style you want to portray on the golf course is likely very different than how you want to look at the office or for a night out on the town.  Even for day-to-day wear, life is more exciting if you have different looks you can pull out of the drawer to reflect how you’re feeling each day.

How to Use This Information

Are you trying to make the same pair of glasses work for every aspect of your life?  Chances are this is not resulting in an optimal vision at all times and it could be putting undue strain on your eyes, neck, and back.  At Vision Care Specialists our LifeFit™ Approach helps to map the right vision solutions for your personal brand, lifestyle, and prescription.  Stop into one of our four front range locations and let our certified opticians help you identify the best way to optimize your vision for every occasion.  Call us today at 303-991-9600 or request an appointment online.