Contact Lens Tips for Kids

When kids want to transition from glasses to contacts, it’s important that they have the right support and tools so that they are able to use contacts safely. That’s why Vision Care Specialists created the Lens Friends contact lens coaching program.

As a Lead Technician for Vision Care Specialists, I’ve been helping children successfully make the transition from glasses to contact lenses for years. Typically it’s all about nerves, so if you can help your child relax when handling their new contact lenses, they are more likely to catch on quickly. Some kids are squeamish about touching their eyes, others are worried they will drop or tear their new lenses. As a contact lens wearer myself, I went through the same emotions as a kid and love to help my young patients get over the hump.

Some of the most common missteps I see children making when handling contact lenses include:

  • Forgetting to wash their hands before putting contacts in or taking them out
  • Putting contacts in inside-out (it can be hard to tell, so we provide a visual aid)
  • Forgetting to take contacts out before bed
  • Rough handling of lenses causing tears
  • Cleaning contacts with saliva when solution not handy – should keep drops on hand for emergencies
  • Not replacing contacts on the recommended schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)

As part of the Lens Friends program, all the technicians at Vision Care Specialists coach kids on the issues above and help them get over the initial nerves that come with inserting a foreign object into their eye for the first time. Lens Friends provides contact lens tips for kids including:

  • Fun, one-on-one training on contacts handling
  • One week supply of demo lenses
  • Do’s and Don’t tip sheet for home practice
  • Contact lens care and handling instructions
  • Week one follow-up coaching and adjustments
  • Cool prizes and achievement certificate


Kids can have a great experience with contacts. They look great and often are a better fit for young, active lifestyles. However, it’s important that young people create good contact lens habits from the start for a lifetime of comfort and safety.

How to Use this Information

If your child is interested in transitioning to contact lenses or having troubling making the switch, talk to the experts at Vision Care Specialists about Lens Friends contact lens coaching for kids! For eye care for the whole family, Vision Care Specialists can help. Call 303-991-9600 or go online to schedule an appointment today!