Contact Lenses Denver: Contact Lens Comfort Challenge Testimonials

Contacts lenses have lots of advantages: they look great and can drastically improve your vision. However, for many Coloradans, our high altitude and sunshine cause many people to have comfort issues. Well not anymore!  Thanks to advances in contact lens technology many people who’d given up on contacts are now coming back.  In fact, Vision Care Specialists is so sure patients will think the new generation of contact lenses is the best they’ve ever tried, that we created the Contact Lens Comfort Challenge.

Listen to some recent patients just like you who took the Comfort Challenge! Here’s what they had to say about their new contact lenses:

  • “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these contacts. I am a post LASIK patient and over 50 (shhh). Didn’t think I could ever wear contacts again comfortably. Then….along came dailies…totally worth the price and I am so happy to be in contacts again, as I am an avid outdoors person (running, biking, golf, etc.) These work beautifully. Thank you Vision Care Specialists for introducing me to Dailies.” –Susie C.
  • “Testing out contacts again was a great idea as my first experience didn’t go as well as planned. I was able to get better contacts that work noticeably better and the customer service is by far the best I have received in Denver. I have already recommended Vision Care Specialists to friends and will continue to do so for friends or family in need of Vision Care.” –David D.
  • “I loved the look of contacts but they just weren’t comfortable. I had given up on contacts and only wore glasses for years until I tried Alcon Dailies. Now I have gone back to contacts! If I do say so myself, I think I look great! Thanks Vision Care Specialists, my eyes feel wonderful in Alcon Dailies and I’m so happy to be wearing contacts again!” –Zack M.


Do you miss not wearing contacts? Take the Contact Lens Comfort Challenge for yourself and experience how far contact lens technology has come.

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