Crizal Prevencia Eases Digital Eye Strain

Are you one of the millions of Americans who spend hours each day in front of a digital screen?  Whether that comes in the form of a computer, television, smartphone or tablet, as a nation, our screen time just continues to rise.  According to a Vision Council study, 95 percent of American adults spend two or more hours each day using a personal digital device., and nearly one-third spend nine or more hours/day in front of a screen. This habit puts millions of us at risk for computer vision syndrome.

Cool White LED Lighting

Digital devices emit specific wavelengths of blue-violet light that can be particularly damaging to ocular tissue.  Cool white LED’s have about 35% blue light, so with more screen time and a government-driven shift to LED lighting, reported cases of digital eye strain continue to grow.  The most common symptoms of digital overexposure include;

  • Eye strain
  • Neck/shoulder/back pain
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes.

Three-quarters of adults are not aware that these symptoms are driven by their digital behavior and many cases go untreated.

Crizal Prevencia Protective Lenses

Protecting your eyes from blue light and UV rays is the best way to ease computer vision syndrome and prevent the deterioration of your vision later in life.  Now, with Crizal Prevencia lenses, we have a new weapon in the war on digital eye strain.  Crizal Prevencia is a No-Glare lens that blocks out specific wavelengths of blue light. Crizal Prevencia has been proven to deflect harmful blue-violet light by 20% and has an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF®) of 25, which means these lenses provide 25 times more UV protection for your eyes compared to wearing no lens at all. In fact,tests showed that Crizal Prevencia reduced retinal cell death by at least 25%.

Here at Vision Care Specialists, we frequently recommend Crizal Prevencia lenses to patients spending long hours in front of a screen, and patient feedback has been phenomenal.  In addition to reduced eye fatigue, patients report improvements in night vision and less sleepless nights.


Vision Care Specialists is proud to carry the best products and technologies available on the market, and Crizal Prevencia is helping us do just that. To learn more about your eye health and how Crizal Prevencia can help prevent age related macular degeneration, visit Vision Care Specialists at one of our locations or schedule an appointment at 303-991-9600.