Denver Contact Lenses: It’s Time You Try Contact Lenses Again

The crew at Vision Care Specialists thinks you should never say never when it comes to Denver contact lenses. In fact, if you’ve said “no” to them in the past, we’d like to encourage you to come in and take the Contacts Comfort Challenge. Although contact lenses have been around for more than 100 years, advances in material and manufacturing have made them a more comfortable, convenient, and effective option even for those who have tried them in the past and been disappointed. Try contacts again, you will be amazed!

Is it time to jump on the bandwagon?
Nearly 20 percent of Americans who need vision correction wear contact lenses and that number increases every day as new people discover that contacts have come a long way even in the past 10 years. In fact, the majority of people who need vision correction can now get a contact lens prescription from their eye care professional that will address their unique needs.

Superior Comfort
If you gave up on contacts because Colorado’s dry, sunny climate left your eyes stinging, you won’t believe the recent advances in comfort. New daily wear lenses from Alcon and other manufacturers have improved surface hydration, mimicking the water content of the human cornea. You’ll never have to worry about eye dryness again! These lenses are made from a new water gradient silicone hydrogel, which is good not only for water content but also for oxygen permeability. Disposable lenses are often critiqued for blocking much-needed oxygen from the eye, but these newer lenses are six times more breathable than leading disposable contact brands minimizing friction between the lens and eye; nine out of 10 users report feeling nothing at all while wearing them!

Asigmatism Correction
If you’ve been diagnosed with astigmatism, which means “lack of point focus”, you may have been told that you’re not a candidate for contacts. Now, there are improved contacts called toric lenses that compensate for astigmatism just as glasses do. Your eye care professional can help you determine if rigid gas permeable or soft toric lenses are the best correction for you.

Multifocal Lenses
If you require bifocal or progressive eyeglass lenses, you may have tried multifocal contact lenses in the past. Multifocal lenses have improved immensely in recent years and are now a much more effective solution for the 40+ set struggling with the onset of presbyopia which makes it difficult to focus on objects up close.

How to Use This Information
The doctors at Vision Care Specialists urge you to take our Contact Comfort Challenge.  Make an appointment today and we will fit you for the right contacts for your correction and comfort. We will provide a supply of free trial lenses for you to test. Once you’re hooked, we can set you up with our Annual Contact Lens Saving Program, our most economical way to buy contact lenses. To schedule an appointment with our eye care professionals, please call 303-991-9600 or contact us online.

If you have tried contact lenses before, what made you quit using them?