Denver Eye Care Advice: Glasses to the Job, Contacts to the Bar!

Stereotypes about glasses-wearers are as old as glasses themselves. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were already experimenting with gems, globes, and glasses filled with water to magnify their vision, and eventually, after tremendous discoveries in optics by Arab physicists, the first pince-nez glasses were invented in 13th century Italy (a few decades before Dante’s Divine Comedy). Their subsequent use by clerics, scholars, and poets—the intellectual elite who needed them to work and also had the money to afford them—won glasses their long-standing reputation as a mark of intelligence, professionalism, and creativity.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a successful scholar to score a set of specs, but glasses stereotypes still exist, and you can use them to your favor. A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay showed participants pictures of models with and without glasses and asked them to rate them on intelligence, trustworthiness, employability, friendliness, and attractiveness. Consistently, those with glasses were rated more intelligent and trustworthy, while those without glasses were deemed more attractive. Surveys regularly find similar data: 35% of respondents say glasses make people look more professional, 43% say more intelligent, and many say more creative and reliable. And where does it pay to come off as professional, intelligent, creative, and reliable? Well, they say dress for the job you want, and that includes eye wear. That’s why 40% of people with perfect vision would consider wearing glasses for a job interview.

That said, if you’re looking to exude intellect and professionalism, keep the glasses style in mind: weird, goofy, excessively flashy, or nerdy glasses won’t say “Hire Me!” like a staid, polished pair to match your outfit.

But when the clock strikes five and employees start to loosen their ties and hit the bars, sometimes it pays to lose the lenses. Let’s be honest: getting lucky means two different things at work and out on the town, and requires two different outfits. Glasses that can’t hold a drink won’t get you very far. But if you have a pair of trendy frames (like we have in abundance at Vision Care Specialists), and you like looking smart wherever you go, then wear them with pride!

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