Denver Eye Care: Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Your Eyes

Happy New Year! It’s time for new beginnings. For many people, that will mean retrying the New Year’s Resolutions they tried and failed last year. But instead of setting absurd goals for yourself that are bound to fizzle out after a month or two, try adopting these achievable New Year’s Resolutions for long-lasting results. Read these suggestions from your Denver eye health specialists, and create a new you in 2014!

Make Slow Diet Changes: Trying to rehaul your entire diet in a day will never work. Instead, make gradual changes: introduce a piece of fruit or a healthy snack to your daily repertoire, drink more water but add your favorite flavor, leave a few unhealthy foods off the grocery list, etc. Gradual change makes for permanent change.

Introduce a Manageable Fitness Regimen: Don’t wear yourself out in the first week; add just a moderate amount of fitness to your weekly routine so you can make it a habit. Even a half hour of exercise a day—running, hiking, swimming, sports, manual labor—can do wonders for your cardiac health, daily energy, and mood.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes: Make sure your eyes are in the best possible health because you’ll need those for the rest of your life! Set up a Denver eye doctor’s appointment to check for conditions like macular degeneration and glaucoma; start wearing UV-protecting sunglasses when exposed to the sun; and eat leafy greens, shellfish, and nuts to get the best nutrients for your eye health.

These are easy changes you can make to feel good about your health all year round!

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What are your New Year Resolutions for 2014?