Denver Eye Care: The LifeFit™ Approach

Like many other industries, Denver eye care is becoming increasingly commoditized. Our patients see ads everyday offering jaw-dropping prices online. Multi-pair discounts, free exams, even discount eye surgery deals are widely advertised as if quality eye care is something available on any street corner.

The fact is, like so many other areas of life, you get what you pay for. Optometry and ophthalmology have seen huge advances in recent years and not all practitioners are created equal. The newer procedures require investments in training and technology which many mass eye-care providers haven’t invested in. Budget providers often offer budget solutions and which frequently result in inferior overall vision corrections and eye health.

Our goal at Vision Care Specialists is to deliver excellence in eye care solutions to enhance your unique lifestyle. We do that via our LifeFit™ Approach, a one-of-a-kind process that allows us to better understand your eye care habits, lifestyle and personal brand in order to provide solutions that offer the best fit with the way you live. To create the most personalized recommendations, we collect information not just on your medical history, but on your eye care habits, hobbies, and even on fashion preferences.

Do you have tired eyes from prolonged screen time? Are you a golf fanatic looking to shave a few strokes off your score? Do you have a history of macular degeneration in your family? Do you have different shoes for every outfit? All these questions and more help us customize our eye care recommendations to fit your unique needs.

Need more convincing, listen to what our patients are saying:

“From the time you step in the door to when you leave, everyone is helpful and friendly at the downtown office. Dr. Ridder always takes the time to answer questions in layman’s terms. And I would never buy my glasses from anywhere else. Once explaining my style to the young man, he picked out a pair from the trunk show that was perfect. I’d never go anywhere else.” Downtown Office

“Dr. Thompson is always so competent, thorough and easy to work with. I appreciate her way of explaining vision issues, and tailoring my lenses to my lifestyle and personal needs. Her assistants reflect this same professionalism and customer service.” Aurora Office

How to Use This Information

In this age of mass commoditization, it’s comforting to know that there are still providers that take the time to deliver the best solution for you. Vision Care Specialists has invested in the training and technology to offer our patients the latest eye care advances, so whether the right answer for you is a digital progressive lens, surgical implants or the latest in comfort contacts, we will find the solution that fits. For the best eye care experience in the Denver area, call Vision Care Specialists today at 303-991-9600.

What activities do you enjoy doing that we need to understand to offer you the best eye care solution?