Denver Eye Doctor Adopts LifeFit™ for More Customized Vision Solutions

Whenever you visit a doctor, you can typically expect the procedure to be the same. A quick background history, a presentation of your symptoms, a series of tests, finally concluding with or without a prescription to relieve any affliction. That prescription can be anything from glasses to medication; yet, these items may not be flexible enough for your lifestyle. Not to mention, the entire experience might have felt a little impersonal. Enter Vision Care Specialists, a four-location eye care practice located across the Denver metro area. We took it upon ourselves to personalize our treatment to fit the demands of our patients’ lifestyles. We call this the LifeFit Approach, defined as a way to celebrate, “your own personal, unique style” while still giving you the best, possible treatment for your eyes. Our approach is continuously evolving, finding innovative methods to pinpoint what LifeFit Solutions will compliment your lifestyle.

A key component of the LifeFit Approach is our questionnaire process. We know you’re accustomed to getting paperwork at the doctor’s office to accelerate the diagnosis process, but this particular interview separates itself from the run-of-the-mill. Its intention is not solely to diagnose your eye, but to give the Vision Care Specialists team a better understanding of who you are and what solutions will best fit your lifestyle.

At first, the questions will seem standard. What is your occupation, what do you currently use to correct your vision, etc. These are questions any practice might ask to get a better idea of your lifestyle habits to better diagnose your eyes. The line between what other optometrists do and Vision Center Specialist’s LifeFit Approach becomes realized when you start noticing questions that revolve around your personal style. Categories include: sporty, classic, corporate executive, intellectual, utility, trendy, fashionable, nerdy, hipster, and flirtatious, and you are asked to check all that apply. Plus, the team will discuss your hobbies, digital pastimes and eye comfort to get a complete picture of your potential needs.

The recommendations resulting from your interview and exam are a product of the LifeFit Approach. These recommendations are carefully considered by the optometrist based on your eye health and your lifestyle. For example, if your heart belongs outdoors, they may recommend contacts or even LASIK surgery. If you’re uninterested in either of those, then they will also advise you on which frames would best suit your sporty lifestyle. Moreover, they will educate you on the latest lens materials, coatings and technologies to optimize your vision across the variety of activities you enjoy. Think of the Vision Care Specialists team as your vision health coach. From the technicians to the optometrists and opticians, all of us are trained to educate you on the latest vision care technologies and pinpoint those that will best enhance your personal brand and lifestyle. What more could you ask from a visit to the eye doctor?

How To Use This Information

Personalized treatment offered through the LifeFit Approach is what distinguishes Vision Care Specialists from other optometry practices. Visit the Vision Care Specialists website to learn more about the LifeFit Approach and the full array of services offered, and call 303/991-9600 today to schedule your LifeFit appointment.

What are your experiences with Vision Care Specialists’ LifeFit Approach?