Denver Eye Doctor: Benefits of an Annual Contact Lens Savings Plan

Every Denver eye doctor at Vision Care Specialists has a commitment to quality and affordability, and we deliver this to our customers in every way possible. If you’re a contact lens wearer, you may think that the only way to save on contacts is to buy online or through a mass-merchandiser.  Not so! Our Annual Contact Lens Savings Plan is a great way for you to save money in 2014!

The Annual Contact Lens Savings Plan allows you to qualify for the best savings available on your particular lens.  It combines maximum insurance benefits, maximum mail-in rebates and maximum volume discounts for the cheapest possible price on contacts.

We supply hundreds of different contact lens brands to choose from at competitive prices. The benefits of buying your whole year’s supply on our Annual Contact Lens Savings Plan include:

  • Convenience – buying in bulk will save trips to the eye doctor
  • Cost Savings – get all the benefits you’re entitled to
  • Free Delivery – we have your prescription on file and can deliver to your home or office
  • Returns – if your prescription changes we’ll take back any unused supplies


How to use this Information

Contact lenses are better and more affordable than ever.  If you want to learn about our Annual Contact Lens Savings Plan or new contact lens technologies that are more comfortable and provide better corrections than ever, stop by Vision Care Specialists and talk to an expert Denver eye doctor. Set up an appointment online, or call us at (303) 991-9600.

Are you already part of the Annual Contact Lens Savings Plan? How do you like it?