Denver Eye Doctor: Don’t Settle for Yesterday’s Eye Care

Nearly every day new patients come into one of Vision Care Specialists four Denver area locations and tell us that their “routine” eye exam was like nothing they’d ever experienced before.  They leave stunned with the images made possible through our Optos retinal imagine machines, the automated refraction calculations, our iPad-based glasses fitting technology, and the number of vision correction and preventative care options available that previous Colorado eye doctors had never even mentioned.

On one hand, these comments are a source pride as our team at Vision Care Specialists is focused on providing the most innovative eye care treatment in the state, but, as a leading Denver ophthalmologist, it also saddens me a bit because it reminds me how far we have to go as an industry.  As a patient, you don’t want any doctor’s visit to feel like a “retro” experience and eye care is no different.  With the number of advances that have become available recently, you are getting sub-standard care if your doctor hasn’t treated you with any of the tools mentioned above.

Nowhere are these advances more apparent than in my area of practice, eye surgery, where new technologies have resulted in expanded choice and safer, more effective procedures.  Vision Care’s latest advance is the acquisition of a laser surgery machine specifically designed for the treatment of cataracts.  Together with our partners, we are the first private group of surgeons in Denver to offer laser cataract surgery, the new gold standard for cataract treatment.  Like any new medical technology, laser cataract surgery has been around for a couple of years.  We have been following the research since the solution launched and once we were convinced that this option was proven superior to current standard treatments, we determined that it was time to invest in the new technology for our patients.

As a surgeon who has successfully completed over 10,000 cataract procedures, I am amazed by the added precision that the laser treatment provides.  It is completely bladeless and computer driven, plus it includes complex imaging technology that takes detailed measurements of the eye to provide a truly customized recommendation for the best replacement lens correction and placement.  While there will still be cases where I recommend standard cataract surgery, I will be encouraging most of my patients going forward to opt for the safer and potentially more effective laser procedure.

How to Use this Information

If going to your current eye doctor feels a lot like it did when you were a kid, then you owe it to yourself to schedule your next eye exam at Vision Care Specialists.  You’ll experience the latest and best diagnostic technologies, and if surgery is required, you will also receive the most up-to-date treatment.  If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, come in for a consultation.  Before you commit to standard cataract surgery elsewhere, learn more about the laser advantage.  Call today at 303/991-9600 or schedule an appointment online.