Denver Eye Doctor’s Advice: Protect Your Eyes From the Colorado Sun

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Colorado is a great place to live and to play outdoors.  That’s why our state attracts plenty of sport enthusiasts from bikers and hikers to skiers, tennis players, golfers and more.  But with all that sunshine comes some risks.  Most Americans understand the importance of protecting their skin from the sun and take the proper precautions by applying sunscreen.  Far fewer understand the risk that bright sunlight can have on their eyes.  According to reports from the American Optometric Association, unprotected sun exposure can increase risk of cataracts, retina damage, and even blindness.

While many of us consider sunglasses an important fashion accessory, they are also an important functional accessory.  If you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider the following tips for Colorado eye care:

  • Select sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Wear a hat in addition to your sunglasses for maximum protection
  • If you wear contact lenses with UV protection, add sunglasses on top
  • UV rays can pass through clouds, keep your sunglasses on even on cloudy days
  • Never look directly into the sun for any length of time
  • Protect your children from an early age—they’ll thank you later


How to Use This Information

If you spend a good deal of time outdoors but are not getting adequate protection from the sun, you may want to talk to an eye care professional.  The certified opticians at Vision Care Specialists use the LifeFit™ Approach to help you find the right sunglasses to fit your lifestyle. They will ask important questions about your activities and personal style preferences and couple that with an understanding of your vision needs to recommend sunglasses that provide the protection, functionality, and look you want.

At Vision Care Specialists, our Denver Eye Doctors help patients experience Life in High-Def.  Whether you’re a rock-climber or just enjoy a spin in the convertible, we have the right sunglasses for the job.  Worried about protecting your eyes from the Colorado sun?  Call us today at 303-991-9600 or request an appointment online.