Denver Eye Doctors’ Easy Eyeglass Cleaning Tips!

It goes without saying that having the right prescription can go a long way in helping your vision. However, in just a short time without maintenance, glasses may become smudged, scratched, and dirty. The Denver eye doctors of Vision Care Specialists have some easy tips to clean your eyeglasses so that they stay crystal clear!

  • In cases of extreme residue buildup, wash eyeglasses in a gentle mixture of warm water and mild soap, then dry carefully with a soft washcloth.
  • For everyday cleaning, use an eyeglass cleaning spray. Spritz all over both sides of the lenses. Gently rub away smudges and dirt using a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth.


  • If you still notice scratches on the eyeglasses after cleaning, bring them into VCS for help and possible lens replacement.
  • Avoid citric-based soaps, ammonia, and regular household cleaning products which may damage lenses

Proper glasses hygiene keeps you looking keep looking sharp and seeing clearly! Use these tips to wash your glasses regularly.

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