Denver Eye Glasses Could Be Hip with Google Glass

Google Glass allows wearers via voice command to shoot video and pictures as well as project directions, email and other Internet searches on a tiny screen mounted on eyewear. It offers a hands-free, on-the-go computing experience and is likely the precursor of things to come. Like most cutting-edge innovations, the technology has met with mixed reviews primarily over privacy and copyright concerns, legal implications, interference with driving and more.

Recently Google has joined forces with Luxottica, the company behind Ray-Ban and Oakley, so there just may be hope for Denver eye glasses outfitted with Google Glass, the company’s eye-wearable computer, to be as fashion forward as they are technologically advanced. This is just one more step Google has taken to broaden its appeal to a larger consumer market in preparation to market Glass toward the end of 2014 to those beyond the participants of the Glass Explorer Program.

Earlier this year, Google announced a new line of titanium frames for prescription glasses that will accommodate Google Glass and cost $225 each. The new line will offer these frames in four shapes and consumers can select from four accent colors to customize the frame’s gray base color. There will also be three options for sunglass frames for $150 each. Currently, Google does not intend for Glass to transfer from one set of frames to another very often, although it is possible because the computer is attached with a screw to the frames. As you’re budgeting, don’t forget that the Google Glass system will set you back $1,500 on top of the cost for frames.

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What do you think of the privacy, safety, social and copyright implications of people having computer access on their eyewear?