Denver Eye Health Tip: How to Make Those Dark Circles Disappear

We Americans work hard and have tiring lives, but the last thing we want to hear from people is “You look tired.” Fatigue is beauty’s natural enemy, and dark circles are its timeless indicator. Baggy eyes attract attention towards your tiredness, which is no one’s best feature. But fear not: dark circles under eyes have as many solutions as they have causes, and you can most likely find a cure that works for you!

Dark circles can be caused by a wide range of interior and exterior disturbances. The skin under the eye is the thinnest in the body, and therefore the most vulnerable; and as all skin gets thinner with age, some eye bagginess is inevitable. But age is not the only cause of dark circles and eye irritation or puffiness:

  • Allergies, either from hay fever, food, animals, gluten, or anything in your home or workplace, are a common cause of dark circles
  • Insufficient sleep (less than 7-9 hours) causes bad circulation, pale skin, and visible blood vessels
  • Vitamin deficiency—especially Vitamins B and K—harms skin and blood vessel health and impedes circulation
  • Dehydration has many negative effects on the body, dark circles being a key indicator
  • Unprotected sun exposure increases melanin levels and skin darkness
  • Unmanaged stress can take its toll on the body, and eye bagginess is one of its first manifestations
  • Smoking causes blood vessels to appear bluer
  • Excessive salt intake can lead to fluid retention which can lead to baggy eyes
  • Nasal congestion can dilate and darken the veins around your sinuses
  • Excessive rubbing of the eyes can inflame the blood vessels and worsen the problem

But, as promised, this plethora of problems has many easy cures:

  • Try the classic cucumber tip: lie down and relax for 10-15 minutes, preferably in the morning, with cool cucumber slices over your closed eyes, to hydrate the area, alleviate puffiness, and reduce wrinkling in the long term
  • Try the same trick with cool, moistened, caffeinated tea bags: tea’s tannin reduces skin discoloration
  • Find an eye cream containing Vitamin K and retinol to apply to the skin under your eye every day; look for creams containing honey, avocado, and other natural ingredients, instead of harsh chemicals
  • Eat a vitamin-rich diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and a doctor-recommended supplement if necessary
  • Get plenty of sleep, remove all eye makeup before going to bed, and try changing your sleeping position: much eye bagginess simply comes from the force of gravity, so try sleeping flat on your back with one extra pillow
  • Wear dark sunglasses and apply a high-SPF sunscreen when in direct sunlight
  • Treat your allergies: take whatever over-the-counter medication helps, or visit an allergist identify and treat your specific allergen
  • Relax and cure your stress; exercise not only beats stress but also helps circulation, aiding baggy eyes
  • Apply foundation and concealer to your thin eye skin, giving your eye itself a little room

A combination of these tips should send your dark circle problem on its way! However, some people have dark circles in their genes: if you have a family history of dark circles, or if your own features throw shadows on your face, it’s best to accept that these tips may not garner the aesthetic transformation you’re hoping for. But that doesn’t mean they’re not healthy!

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