Denver Eye Specialists’ Tips on Colorado Hiking in High-Def

Whether you’re new in town or you’ve got Colorado blood, there’s always more to see in the Centennial State. All you need is four-wheel-drive and a good pair of hiking boots, and the state is your playground! Even as an avid hiker, you could never conquer every mile of trail within Colorado’s borders. The best part is that there are nearly limitless options for all ages and abilities. Seasoned experts can try their hand (or foot) at the 500-mile-long Colorado Trail, which winds through the Rockies from Denver to Durango. But there are thousands of shorter and easier options with some of the best views in the country, and many are just a short drive from Denver! Try these hotspots for a quick, beautiful Colorado moment:

Daniel’s Park: A short drive south of the city, Daniel’s Park boasts the best sunsets in Denver. And from it’s scenic sunset overlook, you can also choose between a 3- or 5.4-mile trail through rustic terrain and with a great view of the mighty Rockies.

Castlewood Canyon State Park: An unexpected wonder of the prairie, this 2.4-mile roundtrip hike along the Castlewood Canyon, formed over millennia by the Cherry Creek, offers a wonderful array of plant-life, wildflowers, and rock formations in the company of a babbling brook.

Red Rocks Park: It’s not just a place where your kids go to concerts—Red Rocks boasts some of the most gorgeous and shocking landscapes on the Front Range, with tremendous views of the city. In the quaint town of Morrison, Red Rocks and it’s 1.4-mile Trading Post Trail provide a quick hiking option.

Roxborough State Park: Another magnificent destination for viewing the Front Range’s iconic red sandstone formations—which stretch from Fort Collins all the way to the Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs—Roxborough also contains nearly 140 bird species! Its low elevation and its slightly longer but still easy 2.3-mile trail makes it a great place to bring out of town guests.

Chautauqua Park: Traverse through the Flatirons, the gorgeous ridges that overlook Boulder, on Chautauqua’s 2.9 mile, slightly more technical Flatiron #1 Trail. Enjoy terrific views of Boulder Valley, Indian Peaks, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Speaking of…

Rocky Mountain National Park: Trails abound at this gem of the Rockies, but a popular and picturesque option is the Echo Lake Trail around a lake whose still water mirrors the breathtaking landscape above. At only a quarter mile, Echo Lake Trail may inspire you to try out some of the other trails that branch off of it, or to enjoy the serenity of Mt. Evans’ reflection in the lake. Speaking of…

Mt. Evans Summit Hike: Drive up the highest paved road in the contiguous United States to a quarter-mile hike up one of Colorado’s 54 Fourteeners. Don’t be fooled by the short distance—the steepness and elevation can pose a huge challenge, but the views from the summit justify it.

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