Denver Eye Wear: A Great Way to Use your Flexible Spending Account

With the rising cost of health care, an increasing percentage of the population has adopted flexible spending accounts or FSA’s. FSA’s allow people to set aside up to $2,500 pre-tax to pay for expenses not covered by health insurance. 23% of Americans with private health insurance are enrolled in an FSA. program. Historically, all FSA funds had to be used by the year-end deadline or these funds would be forfeited. While many plans now allow for up to $500 carryover of FSA funds, there is still pressure to use these benefits before they expire.

New Denver eye wear qualifies for FSA dollars, and so now is a great time to stop in to one of Vision Care Specialists’ four Denver area locations to check out our wide selection of frames.

With holiday vacations, December is one of our busiest times of year, if you need to schedule an eye exam in order to use your FSA benefits on new eye wear, schedule early to avoid the rush.

How To Use This Information

Every healthcare plan is different, check with your provider to be sure you understand the ins and outs. Track where you are relative to your deductibles and Flexible Spending Account balance. Vision Care Specialists wants to help you take full advantage of your healthcare benefits.  Call us today at 303/991-9600 to schedule your year-end appointment or come to any of our four convenient locations and pick out the new glasses or contacts you need.


Do you have a flexible spending account?