Denver Optician Reaches Out to Seniors to Help Make Life More Enjoyable

Several years ago a long-time optician at Vision Care Specialists, the largest independent vision care provider in the Rocky Mountain Region, was approached by a patient asking him to make a house call to his mother in her nursing home to repair some broken glasses.  The patient offered to pay for the services and explained that his mother was really suffering from not being able to cope with her current maladjusted eye wear.  The optician said flat out, “NO”.  He refused to accept payment for this service, and instead visited the woman on his own time to fix the problem.  This was the beginning of a multi-year adventure that has resulted in hundreds of seniors experiencing improved comfort and vision due to the volunteerism of one dedicated optician.

Today he visits two different facilities once a month.  The staff knows when he’s coming and invites all patients needing adjustments to their glasses to stop by.  Most of the patients he treats suffer from dementia and are rather rough on their eye wear.  Glasses frequently get dropped, lost, slept on, and more, so adjustments are required more often than for the rest of us.  Seniors can also suffer more than most from soreness or actual abrasions due to ill-fitting glasses, and this is not something that typical nursing facilities are attuned to.

So what drives this optician to dedicate his own time to helping seniors with their eye glasses?  It’s the smiles.  One lady who had been suffering with a missing nose pad on her glasses for months was so happy with her repair that she gave him a giant hug.  Others are just glad to have someone to talk to and to visit with a person who really cares.

How to use this Information

If you have elderly parents or are actively involved in senior care, pay special attention to their eye wear.  Are their glasses sitting comfortably on the face?  Are they straight or skewed?  Adjustments are frequently required to bent frames.  Ideally these are made with the patient, but if they are not able to make a visit to the optician, you can bring in the frames for a tune up.  Also, when buying new frames for seniors, select models that are less delicate and less likely to get bent from rough handling.  At Vision Care Specialists we provide excellence in Colorado eye care. Our certified opticians employ the LifeFit™ Approach to help patients select eye wear solutions that are right for the individual and will adjust your eye glasses for free any time.  To schedule an appointment, call 303-991-9600 or schedule online.