Denver Opticians Advice on Selecting Cute but Sturdy Kids Frames

School is now in session, and parents everywhere are making sure their children are well equipped for the new year, patching up backpacks, replacing outgrown T-shirts, buying shiny new folders and notebooks…but don’t forget that one essential item that can make all the difference for your child’s education–glasses. Send little Jimmy to school with an outdated prescription and he’ll fall behind trying to decipher the words on the chalkboard; send him off with a pair of taped-up magnifying lenses and he’ll be the laughingstock of the playground and sports field. Do your kid a favor and learn which glasses frames are both sturdy and trendy and will make your child proud of his own personal style.

For girls, there are several trendy styles that will make her proud to sports eyewear. Floral patterns are very in; there are many girls glasses models with flowers on the hinges or ends of the temples or a flat floral print along with the frames. There are many other options of prints for girls glasses too, in all sorts of colors and patterns. Pink-loving girls will find many options among our selection, but girls who prefer more modest lenses can choose from a variety or rimless frames that come in many different shapes, sizes, and sparkles!

There are just as many options for boys too. Thick, plastic frames in bright, contrasting colors are a big fashion statement: bold blues, reds, and greens balanced with a complimentary dull shade or another bright color give boys a spontaneous and inviting style. Thick, vintage frames are as popular as they are versatile, looking as great with formal attire as with jeans and T-shirts. Very thin, wiry frames are also trendy; even the Harry Potter-style circular lenses are becoming a durable and popular fashion statement. And if either your boy or girl is looking for something really exciting, try out some glow-in-the-dark frames!

Your kid’s eyewear fashion is important, but don’t lose sight of the eyewear’s practicality. Children are usually much more active and carefree than adults. Most children’s glasses designers keep this in mind, making their frames durable, flexible, and secure on kids faces, but make sure your child’s glasses fit his lifestyle well.

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